Shrink Wrap, Coffee and Snow for Doug's Birthday!

cakeJanuary may be the beginning of a new year, but for many of us, it is still the middle of winter with freezing temperatures, lots of snow and empty slips. Our boats are stored in buildings, under shrink wrap or tarps and spring launch is four or five months away.

January is also the beginning of numerous Winter Boat Shows that ignite the desire to get back on the water. Just coming back from the Toronto International Boat Show, after talking with hundreds of boaters and marine industry friends, we are excited about the boating again-summer can't come soon enough.

Many boaters (specifically Doug), are suffering...


from the mid-winter boating withdrawal blues, and he had an idea that he thought would help.

January Winter Blizzard

During a blizzard one January afternoon, we dressed in our winter clothes and headed for our 30' cruiser. "Windy" was shrink wrapped and surrounded by snow banks. Doug and I crawled under the corner of the shrink wrap and carefully made our way up the swim ladder to the cockpit. (He always allows some extra room, so he can get in throughout the winter to check on her.)

brenda-windy-coffeeOnce in the cabin, the micro furnace took the chill out of the air. There wasn't any movement or sounds of water lapping against the hull. In fact, it felt just like the boats we had boarded at the Boat Show-stationery and high above the ground, only much colder!

But, this was our very own boat and it felt really good to relax with a special hot Irish Coffee in glass mugs-we even baked sugar on the rim. We added cranberry goat cheese with crackers, played our favourite CD on the stereo, just the two of us and our dreams of great summers past and future on the water.


Why this day for Irish Coffee on the Boat?

Well, it was Doug's birthday and although this may sound like a crazy thing to do, it was fun and different and it alleviated Doug's mid-winter boating withdrawal blues.

Happy Birthday Doug!

Our next newsletter will cover a great idea for you (not too crazy) to alleviate your mid-winter boating withdrawal blues and help you get a kick start on your boating season in 2010.

Let us know of your crazy episodes on your boat during the winter months.


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For trailered boats, make sure the drain plug is on your checklist!  It wasn't on mine and I mistakenly expected that the shop who summerized and delivered my boat had installed it.  They didn't, and I didn't check for it, and didn't realize it wasn't there 'till I got back to my backyard dock and saw the water coming up thru the ski well.  I'm now known as "soggy-boy" after falling off the boat into the lake while trying to install the plug from above; would have been a lot easier on the launch ramp!  Fortunately, nothing was damaged but my pride . . . Cheers

Dave Keyser, Soggy-boy

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