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Brenda and Doug Dawson (5th generation industry professional) have combined their lifetimes of boating experience, expertise and knowledge in their publications and articles.

They are dedicated to helping new boaters and seasoned boaters, both power and sail, around the world put the "ING" in BoatING.



Doug and Brenda enjoy living and boating in Meaford, Ontario, Canada. See more Meaford Videos.

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Brenda, "Nice job by you and Doug, I really like your common sense approach to handling a boat with easy time for the first mate." Thanks again.

Bill, 'a fan'.


Y'all are the best! Downloaded it, saved it, printed it--now all we have to do is master it! Thank you so much.

Natalie Redyk

For trailered boats, make sure the drain plug is on your checklist!  It wasn't on mine and I mistakenly expected that the shop who summerized and delivered my boat had installed it.  They didn't, and I didn't check for it, and didn't realize it wasn't there 'till I got back to my backyard dock and saw the water coming up thru the ski well.  I'm now known as "soggy-boy" after falling off the boat into the lake while trying to install the plug from above; would have been a lot easier on the launch ramp!  Fortunately, nothing was damaged but my pride . . . Cheers

Dave Keyser, Soggy-boy

Thanks! Always great to receive your monthly newsletter. Well done and appreciated!
keeep up the super good work.....


"Brenda, Thank you for your prompt reply. Much appreciated. It seems hard to find good customer service these days. I'm glad to see it still alive and well. Merry Christmas to you and yours."

Joshua, BC

17 Questions to Ask About Boat Docking

There is so much more to boat docking than just docking!

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