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better-wayWinter is here for many of us, but for you lucky boaters who are fortunate enough to boat all year, you have an opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge, to enjoy boating even more.

There is almost always a better way to do everything on a boat.

Don’t get stuck in a rut.


Now is a good time to take advantage of some of the following tips. There are many more, but these will get you started.

  • Improve Your Berthing or Docking Skills. There are many methods of docking/berthing boats but some work better than others—especially for recreational family boating. Some boaters find techniques or procedures that work really well in their particular situation, but it may not be duplicated in other situations or for other boats. Why not get the best? See www.PowerBoatDocking.com .
  • Teach your Crew to tie Knots. You only need six. Read More
  • First Mate 101 is filled with tips and tricks. Shorten your learning curve, simplify the work and enjoy boating more. Necessary reading for everyone on board.
  • stick-ostrich-head-sandStick Your Head in the Bilge. Just because you haven’t had any problems before, doesn’t mean you never will. Stay safe. Read more
  • Plug in the Correct End First. Which end of your shore cord do you plug in first? Ensure you are doing it correctly. The answer may electrify you. Read More
  • Use the Wheel!? For boats with twins, do you use the wheel or not when berthing/docking? You may be surprised at the answer. (There is so much misinformation out there) Read More
  • Look After Your Head. Does your head smell? There are many causes of head or holding tank odor. If you notice a problem brewing on your boat, it may be time to take action. Read more
  • Protect Your Hands when tying and anchoring. A simple pair of gardening gloves may be all you need.
  • Save your Dinghy. How far back are you towing your dinghy? How do you know your line is the right length? Read more.
  • fender-upAvoid Harbour Dangers. Electric shock drowning, CO poisoning and chemicals are taking too many lives. Learn more so you can avoid the deadly consequences for your family. Read More Read More Read more
  • Look After Your Fenders While Underway. What do you do with your fenders after you leave the dock? Is there a better way? Read more
  • Look after Your Dock Lines After you Leave the Dock. What do you do with your lines when you leave the dock? Read more
  • Tie Correctly. Do you know the test to determine whether your boat is tied correctly or not? Read More
  • Take a Friend Boating. Share your boating lifestyle with friends. We all enjoy the water in different ways, so why not take a sailor on your power boat or vice versa. Or, why not take a non-boating friend out on your boat and introduce them to the boating lifestyle? Just a thought.

Most of all, enjoy every minute you can on the water.

Improve your skills and learn new tips and tricks to minimize the work and increase the pleasure.




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Hi Doug,<br /><br />Interesting article about the holding tank. I have a 1999 Silverton 453 where the tank is located under the bed in the aft cabin. We have long had odour problems and I assumed that it was due to leaky fittings. I recently had...

Hi Doug,<br /><br />Interesting article about the holding tank. I have a 1999 Silverton 453 where the tank is located under the bed in the aft cabin. We have long had odour problems and I assumed that it was due to leaky fittings. I recently had my pump reconditioned with new seals, but the smell is still there. When I get my nose around the fittings, I can notice the smell there, so my spring project is to remove the hoses connected to the tank and use Heat-Shrink fittings over the whole connection.<br /><br />It really didn't occur to me that simple chemicals would do the trick, as it is supposed to be a sealed system, right? I guess I will follow your recommendations next year and use additives to the tank and hopefully, reduce or eliminate the smells (we can't even use the drawers located under the bed because items get contaminated).<br /><br />I will keep you informed...<br /><br />Chris

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