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Doug and Brenda Dawson boating on georgian bay

Every couple of weeks, Doug and Brenda write seasonal articles informing boaters of new products, regulations, checklists of things to do for summerizing and winterizing, and covering topics like canvas, head, holding tank, cleaners, upholstery, teak, ropes and numerous other boating activities.

Here you will pick up tips and tricks to help make your boating easier and more enjoyable.

Just like Spring cleaning at home or at the cottage, Spring cleaning on the boat isn’t much fun but necessary. It makes the rest of the season more enjoyable and easier to keep the boat looking it’s best for you, your family and friends and, if you’re like me, the easier the better.

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Make sure your boat has what it needs and not what it shouldn't, to make your trips safe and fun. Doing this one job as soon as your boat goes in the water could save you gas money, keep you safe, and make your boating more enjoyable.

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washroomYou never know what to expect. Sometimes, you’d rather not shower because the washrooms are so disgusting.

Usually there aren’t enough hooks to hang up your clothes and towel. There isn’t always a stool to place your overnight kit with your soap, shampoo etc. I’ve even gotten into the shower to find the shower head doesn’t work or there’s no water pressure. The floor is usually wet and sometimes dirty before you start. After the shower, you have to balance on one foot while maneuvering the other foot into your shoe without touching the floor, then do it all over for the other foot.

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Trim Tabs are the flaps installed on the transom of all the larger power boats to improve acceleration and planing. With trim tabs, boats get onto plane faster, use less fuel and don‘t hide the horizon behind the bow during acceleration. Boats with trim tabs can plane at a lower rpm and lower speed, because the tabs hold the bow down, and at the same time, the back end up; otherwise, the boat would fall off of plane at that rpm and speed.

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Day 5o Sonsie and HopeTown LighthouseDoug and I were boating in the Bahamas for two months as you may have gathered from previous newsletters. It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed life on the water in the Abacos during April and most of May. With our laptop on board, we were able to send and answer emails, make phone calls, send newsletters and look after our website.

But, like all holidays, it had to end so we headed to Florida, cleared customs in Lake Worth and headed north on the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway).


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kapowBoaters usually welcome guests aboard, but there are some uninvited guests you want to keep off your boat.

Foodborne illnesses don’t take a holiday and could be a threat to your boating enjoyment. Take steps to eliminate this enemy and kill those unwanted, uninvited guests.


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