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Doug and Brenda Dawson boating on georgian bay

Every couple of weeks, Doug and Brenda write seasonal articles informing boaters of new products, regulations, checklists of things to do for summerizing and winterizing, and covering topics like canvas, head, holding tank, cleaners, upholstery, teak, ropes and numerous other boating activities.

Here you will pick up tips and tricks to help make your boating easier and more enjoyable.

mid winter bluesThe boating season varies greatly around the world! Some boaters are fortunate enough to have 12 full months in the water, while others (like us) have to squeeze their boating into 3 or 4 months.

Unlike boaters, who enjoy a 12 month boating season, our boat “Windy” is hibernating under shrink wrap again this winter, causing a severe case of mid-winter blues. Our email box, probably like yours, is being bombarded with emails offering all sorts of “magic pills” to cure this condition.

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boatshow tibs kd 11Climate change is creating some very interesting winter weather; but, have no fear, the boating season is just around the corner and marine businesses are all displaying at Boat Shows to show you their new products.

Between now and summer is the time to take advantage of the winter Boat Shows to research and shop for your new boat and your nautical accessories to kick start your dreams. Google to find the Boat Shows closest to you.

It is a fantastic opportunity for you and your family or boating buddies, to view hundreds of NEW boats and nautical accessories on display with knowledgeable salespeople to answer all your questions.

What should you know before going to the Boat Show so you are prepared to take advantage of all that is offered and not lose out?

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santa windyWe would have visited our boat “Windy” on Christmas Day even if it had been below zero in the middle of a blizzard like it should be. But this year was different. There was no snow and the temperature was 12 degrees Celsius (53 degrees Fahrenheit).

 Sure, she is wrapped in a Shrink Wrap tarp in the driveway, but Doug had installed a door for regular checks; so, it was easy to climb aboard and “pretend” we were afloat.

While aboard, not only did Santa find us; but he also brought us some Christmas cheer. Wow! Thank you Santa.

Hope you had a great Christmas.

We wish you a healthy, happy and wonderful 2016, with lots of family boating.

Doug and Brenda Dawson

Merry Christmas
from us on our boat
to you on yours
winter boat

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Doug and Brenda Dawson

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Sailboat Docking


winterizing captain

Dawsons is a regular contributor to Upper Bay Boating Magazine. One of the other contributors wrote a humorous article that we would like to share with you.

Thanks to L. Alan Keene a contributor to Upper Bay Boating Magazine in the Chesapeake, and to Dave Bielecki, Publisher, for allowing us to share this article on our website.

Every fall, there are many articles on winterizing your boat, but we have never seen one before with tongue and cheek that addresses winterizing the Captain. Enjoy.

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check your boatSummer has again come to an end and some boaters are preparing for haulout. For many who are continuing to enjoy fall boating, the weather isn’t as dependable, so trips to the boat aren’t as frequent.

Most marinas keep watch over your boat; but, in some harbours, there is no one to check your boat at all. With fewer fellow boaters around, the chances of problems going unnoticed, increases. To put your mind at ease, there is a simple solution.

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kathy colan new boatersWhen you ask boaters about their experiences on the water, be prepared for hours of entertainment.

Boaters love to share the good and the bad, punctuated with laughter and exaggeration. The answers to the question “Why did you get into boating?” are eagerly shared and most interesting.

An opportunity to be a good citizen and get a free boat ride for doing so, introduced one couple to boating and they are thrilled.

Thanks to Kathy and Colan for sharing their story.

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smashWe have all watched internet videos of two objects approaching each other in slow motion ahead of the anticipated collision.

This past weekend, Brenda and I were aboard Windy the other side of the harbour and witnessed a large boat back out of his slip right in the path of an approaching boat in the fairway.

Everything was right for one to smash into the other.

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happy coupleTom and Wilma, who had dreamed of boating for years, were finally able to buy their first boat. They took delivery and excitedly prepared to be boaters and enjoy life on the water.

Having observed boaters and learned from the internet forums, Tom wrote his own instructions and was confident he could handle and dock a boat. How difficult could it be? After all, he had watched boats coming and going from the local marina and he could drive his SUV.

Their first outing was perfect. Their dream had come true. But, that was about to change.

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captain should focus during dockingDuring the docking process, the Captain should be focused on docking the boat, knowing that his First Mate is prepared and ready so they can carrry out their docking plan as a team.

Then, docking the boat is accomplished without any complications or difficulty.

Sometimes; however, we see family members, or guests aboard, do what they should not do.

This can lead to an aborted docking attempt or even worse, an injury.

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