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Doug and Brenda Dawson have just returned from two weeks of boating in the Bahamas.

They were pleased to meet so many Loopers who had done the Great Circle Tour and were now in the Abacos.

America's Great Loop is the continuous waterway that circumnavigates the eastern portion of North America - along the Atlantic seaboard, across the Great Lakes, through the inland rivers, and around the Gulf of Mexico. It is sometimes referred to as the Great Circle Route.

 Many Loopers included the Bahamas in their Circle and found it so enjoyable and relaxing that they stayed for weeks and sometimes months before continuing north. More information is available from The Great Loop.

Brenda has composed the following rhyme to give you an idea of their experience boating in the Abacos with their friends aboard the yacht "Sonsie":

On board the Sonsie in the Sea of Abaco
was a magnificent place for Doug and I to go.

For two full weeks, Sonsie showed us the sights
from island to island--beautiful days and peaceful nights.

We thank Harold and Kathi for a terrific fun time
and have captured some highlights in a little Brenda rhyme.

The islands of the Abacos were a glorious sight
as we approached Marsh Harbour on a Continental flight.

Harold and Kathi greeted us at the gate--
March 24th ‘06 was the revised arrival date.

In only a few minutes, the mini van taxi
delivered us to the awaiting Sonsie.

She was doing the Circle Route that she started last year,
Down the Mississippi, across the Gulf, Florida and now here.

Grouper and Dolphin sandwiches at Wally’s across the street
was the start of a great time that just couldn’t be beat!

Boutiques and margaritas and barbequed grouper
filled up our day making it just super duper.

Delicious Spanish eggs started our Saturday,
then we planned for Hopetown, got ready, and were underway.

Two dolphins off the starboard bow leaped into the air
just to say hello and let us know they were there.

Roy and Elvie joined us for rotisseried pork and rice,
Bahamian rum cake and a fun game of dice.

Sunday at Hideaways, we relaxed in the hammock and dinghy too.
From the top of the lighthouse we witnessed an incredible view.

At Hopetown Lodge eating platters of Mahi Mahi
We marveled at the rolling waves as far as the eye could see.

They were so blue and continuous crashing in on shore
Never ending energy - there were always more and more.

A tour of the museum and quaint little shops
Filled our afternoon with many costly stops.

Boaters gathered at the pool for some afternoon camaraderie
to drink, share hors d’oeuvres and each tell a story.

Conch is so plentiful served in a variety of dishes
from chowder to fritters or a horn if one wishes.

After cocktails on Roy El’, we enjoyed crab cakes on board
telling stories and having fun while red wine Harold poured.

We cruised to Great Guana to become famous Kalik Sippers
by walking the sand beach then hanging out at Nippers.

Later, we walked on Sunset beach in the low tide muck.
Then, new boaters we met at the Sunset Pot Luck.

The Guana Dive Boat took us snorkeling at Fowl Cay
to swim with the multi-colored fish--what a sight to see!

The reef was alive with fascinating growth.
The stingray and yellow tails were a thrill for us both.

The coral, alive with growth, took our breath away
as we swam with the fish and watched sea creatures play.

Man O’ War was our anchorage for Thursday night
where we reviewed Kathi’s pictures and stopped for a bite.

Lolas famous bakery on Man O’ War Cay
was definitely worth a visit and a great place to see.

Lola makes bread & buns, and hubby Conch Fritter Batter.
You’ll love the taste of both and nothing else will matter.

Lois Albury greeted us at Albury’s sail shop.
For our souvenir bags, this was definitely the right stop.

Low tide was just perfect for shell hunting in the dinghy
But not perfect at all for leaving in Sonsie.

Doug in the dinghy pulled as hard as he could
As Harold and Brenda pushed-while in the water they stood.

The solution was simple. We agreed "What the heck.
Let’s wait for the tide while drinking a Kalik on deck".

We crossed over to Elbow Cay to outsmart the tide
And anchored offshore after a short ride.

Saturday at seven thirty, we were up and underway
With all conditions perfect for another gorgeous day.

A quiet secluded Little Harbour welcomed Sonsie and us all
with calm seas and light breeze and an empty mooring ball.

The eateries and pubs with plush sand floors
Are open to the view with no windows and no doors

Pete’s Pub at Little Harbour is quite a sight to see.
For a wild boar dinner, it’s the right place to be.

A three hour cruise to Treasure Cay
revealed another wonder that everyone should see.

Three miles of sugar sand squished through our toes
as we strolled on the beach where everybody goes.

The Cruisers’ Net on VHF 68 at 0815
is one of the best services we’ve ever seen

Patty greeted us each morning with all we need to know-
with announcements, emails, and great places to go.

Reports on weather, arrivals, departures, and tips
specials, swap shop, "open Mike" and new friendships

A Little Harbour Grabber is a must to try
as is a Sunset Blaster and Key Lime Pie.

We experienced Goombay Splashes, grabbers and Kalik
many rum creations, blasters and lots more Kalik.

We were delighted to meet up with so many Loopers
who were there sharing stories over barbequed Groupers.

A most memorable sight was the turquoise blue and green
that can only be appreciated if to the Abacos you’ve been.

The indescribable beauty revealed at every turn
is the biggest invitation for us all to return.

The Abacos is a place so unique and rare.
You wear casual clothes and go barefoot everywhere.

Tanned and relaxed we boarded our plane
making plans in our future to come back again.

Abaco Islands in the Sun,
we’ll be back for lots more fun.

Brenda Dawson


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