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Rob MacLeod has over thirty years in sailing instruction and performance improvement, starting with designing performance standards for the recreational sailing industry.

Having served on the Canadian Yachting Association's Learn-to-Cruise committee for 7 years, designing standards of learning and instruction for adults, instructors and instructor evaluators, Rob became the first Technical Director of the American Sailing Association (Marina del Rey, CA) in 1984.

Rob released the first edition of Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills in 1985 and continued writing, teaching, sailing and cruising across North America, the Bahamas and Virgin Islands.

Learn the skills needed to sail larger boats with confidence!

Rob MacLeod's practical, skills-oriented approach is designed to get you sailing right away. Teaches how to quickly gain confidence.

Rob's Book covers all aspects of sailing.

108 pages of information, instruction and diagrams.


Printed Book $29.95 plus shipping: order-now
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Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills - ePub Coming Soon.

InformedBoater.com will launch "Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills" in an all new format - an ePub.

The reader/learner's experience will come to life as aspects of learning to sail are supplemented with video added to the text and images of the book. Rob has revised and updated all of the images in the book to reflect the fact that today's sailor is starting out on larger boats - 30 to 40 feet. Larger boats have more power, more momentum and have more complex rigging and systems compared to the learning boats of only a decade ago.

Rob will continue to add and update videos to the book and purchasers will have complete access to this new material as it is published. As one of North America's top sailing instructors, Rob invites you to Live the Dream by mastering Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills.

You can learn more about Rob's new "ePub" on his website www.informedboater.com.

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Rob’s strong multimedia background lead to co-hosting the award winning series Set Your Sails featured on TVOntario (1989) and PBS (US) (1990) based on Rob’s best selling Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills (1985). Rob authored four instructional books on the sport of sailing. Rob is host of the seminar series at the annual Port Credit Boat Show and has often been a speaker at the Toronto International Boat Show.

Rob’s book—From Landfalls to Legacies: Lessons in leadership from a master sailor brings together 15 years as one of North America’s top instructional innovators in sailing and 16 years of improving performance in organizations from one person and to some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

Rob has also launched InformedBoater.com. Rob develops and distributes instructional boating videos.

With a modest beginning of just 6 videos, InformedBoater.com officially launched on February 14, 2008. InformedBoater.com is producing new videos each year covering all aspects of boating –

  • Boating Knowledge and Safety
  • Boat Handling (Sail and Power)
  • Boat and Equipment & Maintenance
  • Boating Lifestyle

Each video features an expert on the subject and covers a single topic. Videos less than 10 minutes are $4.99. Most videos over 10 minutes are $9.99 with a few at $14.95 and $19.95 according to complexity and production costs.

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Printed Book $29.95 plus shipping: order-now
e-Book $19.95 Coming Soon

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