60 Days to Spring Launch!

Our Yacht Club newsletter arrived the other day and showed, among other important news, the best news of all—Spring Launch is May 4th! That’s just 60 days! Hip Hip Hurray!

After last year’s efforts of looking after all the “stuff” that needed to be done to our cruiser Windy like; minor motor adjustments, finishing the new canvas, sanding and adding another coat of Cetol to the swim platform and swim ladder, and other minor improvements, we only have to apply Anti Fouling Paint to her bottom, launch and summerize this spring and we’re good to go.

Now that we are on the other side of the last 4 years, we are certainly ready to enjoy boating again and looking forward to being on the water enjoying the fresh air with just the two of us, and with family and friends like the old days—cruising, anchoring, swimming, BBQing meals in the sunsets, reading, just enjoying boating life on the water again.

Because we have to be available at our condo during major renovations this spring and summer, no big boat trips are planned.

But, our condo is only four minutes from Windy, so we plan to be aboard often probably spending many nights aboard and enjoying time this spring and summer with other club members sharing stories, meals and drinks and all the social functions without having to worry about masks etc.

We have been looking forward to this time, as I am sure many of you have been also and hope that you are also able to spend more time enjoying your boat and boating as well.

For many boaters who haven’t had much time aboard over the last four years, perhaps a refresher in docking skills would be a good investment to help improve your boating experiences this summer.

This is a great time to invest in some docking lessons.

One new tip learned could eliminate an embarrassing moment, when your docking doesn’t go as well as you would like, in front of your friends and fellow boaters when returning to the dock.

Instead, one tip could make all the difference—Confidence, a perfect docking and compliments on how well you can dock your boat.

Enjoy Boating More this Spring and Summer

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