All in the same boat?

We’re “all in the same boat!” some people say
     about the COVID-19 pandemic that consumes us every day.

But, are we really all in the same boat
     experiencing the same problems while afloat?

As a boater, I know that we can all cross a stormy sea
     but our boats and experiences are as different as can be.

With this pandemic, there are those who are experiencing it with ease
     with the money and resources to continue doing as they please.

But without the means, most are trying to cope with this new “norm”
     forced into isolation with no knowledge of how to weather this worldwide storm.

Bad reports are constant, but you have to look really hard to find any good news.
     Where do we focus our thoughts and energy? It’s up to us to choose.

This COVID-19 experience has been devastating for so many, in so many different ways
     We can carry the hurt and run from it or take lessons learned to create better ways.

“Look for the good”, a wise friend used to say
     you’ll always find something worthwhile to brighten your day.

Looking for the good over the last few months, I’ve been reminded of so much
     like the importance of just one single touch!

A hug isn’t just a hug. It is somehow so much more.
     I long to hug our family and friends again, just like I did before.

Catching a smile and passing it on was such a great thing to do
     even though it was contagious, it was really good for you.

The “who” in our lives have become much more special now.
     The “what” in our lives isn’t really very important somehow.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we’ve got until it’s taken away.
     Now we know what to appreciate and be grateful for each day.

We can learn from the past, look for and appreciate the good every day
     while planning for and expecting better things to come our way.

The law of Cause and Effect says that what you put out, comes back to you.
     I have to be sure that what I put out is my best reflection in all I do.

I try to discard all negative thoughts that are destructive or harmful in any way
     and only entertain positive thoughts that are creative and good for all, each day.

I also try to take the opportunities presented to me each day
     and choose my thoughts with care, giving them wings, and sending them on their way.

Because my life is but a reflection of all the thoughts I’ve set free
     Best to choose them wisely because they’ll soon become a reality.

I have to trust and have faith that all will be well
     entertaining only carefully chosen thoughts, for the future they’ll tell.

Maybe this pandemic shutdown is an opportunity in disguise
    Giving us plenty of time to think, reflect and open our eyes

To all the possibilities that are ours to unfold
     In our thoughts and hands, the future we hold.

By directing all our time and focus to a positive note
     maybe, just maybe, we will be “All in the Same Boat”!

Brenda Dawson
May 14, 2020

1 thought on “All in the same boat?”

  1. Loved your poem about the difficult times.
    We’re staying positive here!
    Our marina is opening tomorrow!

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