Anxious About Docking This Year?

Do you remember all the fun you’ve had boating with family and friends, or are you anxious this year, about the dreaded docking after every fun-filled day of boating?

Captain Crunch

Do you have nagging thoughts like:

  • Will I screw up my docking?
  • How will I embarrass myself?
  • Will my dockings be a disaster?
  • I dread coming back to my dock.

Eliminate your docking fears

Dawson’s Boat Docking Lessons will eliminate your fear, and privately promote you to the best boat docker on the pier. You’ll be able to enjoy boating more, without the anxiety of returning to your dock.

  • No time-consuming or expensive classes to attend.
  • No visible on-your-boat instructor causing embarrassing moments for you, when other boaters shout out:
    • “Oh! Look at Joe”
    • “He’s getting docking lessons”
    • “Bout time!”

Dawson’s Docking Lessons are secretive.

No one will know, but you!  Simple PDF downloads of about 125 pages for the Introductory Lesson (225 pages for the Advanced lesson) of simple easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions and a 15 minute video to show you how the instructions work. Now is the time to learn. Stop dreaming and hoping.

Order today. or .  You and your First Mate can start reading, watching and learning today in the privacy of your home. Then, print the lesson and take to your boat for “how-to” reminders.

Best of all,

docking with confidence
Captain Confidence

You’ll become proficient at docking your boat, and no one will be watching as you learn.

BUT, they’ll definitely notice the improvement in your docking skills, when you have, Doug Dawson invisibly whispering in your ear, while you’re at the wheel.

Download Docking Lesson

Special lessons for each drive system–

Erase Your Fear – Graduate

from fearful Captain Crunch to

Captain Confidence

Boating will be so much more enjoyable for you, your family and friends;
when you are at the wheel wearing your Captain Confidence hat!

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