Big Boat Wakes Wreck Holidays

boat-wakeCarly and her husband George were thoroughly enjoying their afternoon trip along the waterway aboard their 30’ cruiser with their friends.

Calm water, warm temperatures and a light cooling breeze had created perfect boating conditions.

As always when boating, they decided a little food was in order, so Carly offered to go below for “some snacks”.

Somehow, we all enjoy eating while underway. Then…..

Inconsiderate Boater’s HUGE Wake

Just as Carly put her foot on the top companionway step, an inconsiderate boater overtook them, roaring past dragging a huge wake. George was caught off guard and didn’t handle the wake properly. He instantly started yelling at the overtaking boat and shaking his fist—neither of which did anything to help. In fact, he lost his focus and made things even worse.

Carly screamed as she lost her balance and tumbled the rest of the way to the cabin floor. Small items fell and smashed as the boat floundered in the wake tossing like a cork.

Upset and Injury

Carly suffered bruises and a broken arm, and their guests were shaken up. Obviously, the incident spoiled their holiday and was the topic of negative boating conversation for months to come, putting a dark shadow over their boating experience.

These types of incidents –some less serious and others much more serious, are happening more often than they should or need to.

What is the Solution?

We’ve seen and talked to many boaters, power and sail, who have wake horror stories. They are always quick to blame the wake thrower, but never themselves. It’s always “the other guy” who is at fault.

Unfortunately, there will always be inconsiderate wake throwers and there doesn’t seem to be enough law enforcement on the water. You can’t do much to change the offending boater’s wake but you should report the more serious cases. However, be prepared. We are told that both boats are to blame and in a court of law, it’s all about how much blame lies with each boat. Is it 70/30, 60/40, 50/50 etc.

So, what is the solution? We need more enforcement of the law and more education–for both the wake thrower and the one being waked.

Since each captain is responsible for his boat and the safety of his passengers, knowing how to counter-attack the on-coming or overtaking wake, rather than being hit like a lame duck victim—tossing like a cork, will minimize or neutralize the effect the wake has on your boat and passengers, thus avoiding the subsequent chain of events as happened to this family.

Don’t Let Boat Wakes Ruin Your Holidays!

Not knowing how to handle a big wake with your power boat or sailboat, will almost certainly result in upset and/or injury.

On the other hand, some defensive wake conquering techniques will minimize or neutralize the wake effect on your boat and passengers.

Learn Wake Victim Self Defense!

Boat Wake Lessons

Taking lessons from an expert boat handler to learn these techniques would be a worthwhile investment. Where do you find a trainer? That is the difficulty and the reason we have written the 34 page e-Lesson “Conquering Wakes”. It includes everything you need to know about wakes and how to neutralize their effect on your boat and passengers, so that you can avoid the upset and injury as well as the negative discussion that always follows. After all, boating is supposed to be enjoyable.

A wake is the wave
behind a moving boat.
It is nothing to be afraid of
but you have to take note.

Whether you are driving a yacht
or paddling a canoe
There are many tips and tricks
in this e-Lesson for you.

Take appropriate defensive action
to conquer the monstrous wake;
Otherwise, you’ll be defeated and tossed
Like a helpless cork in the lake.

Don’t be a wake victim!
Be a wake Conquerer.

Brenda Dawson 070726

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