How Big is it Really?

brochure fan4Knowing the actual “real” length of the boat you are about to buy, whether you are buying used/pre-owned or new, will arm you with excellent valuable information in the boat buying process. Comparing the actual length allows you compare apples to apples.

Boats tend to grow, when they are being sold or bragged about; and conversely, they shrink when they are being stored or docked.

Don’t get ripped! Compare actual hull lengths (without pulpits, platforms and creative marketing). Beware of model numbers, as they most often imply that the boat is longer than it actually is.

How do you know what size your boat really is?


brochure libraryGetting specifications for a used/pre-owned boat will help you make a more informed buying decision.

This is only one of the many reasons boaters visit the old boat brochure library at

Not only can you compare boats more accurately, knowing the length overall (LOA) including the bow pulpits and swim platforms, is most important information to know to help you determine, whether your boat will fit in your boat house when you get it home, and that you can shut the door.

If you need to trailer your boat, knowing the actual weight with and without the motor, will help you match your boat to the correct sized trailer and tow vehicle.


Find out how big your boat really is from the specs in the original boat brochure.

There are so many more reasons to checkout – A library of close to 10,000 old boat brochures, (a library and webiste that is for sale). 

For more information

For money-saving, boat buying tips, see also “Buy a Boat With Confidence” e-book – ~400 pages of invaluable information.


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