Boat Buying Tip – Buy a Boat that FITS

confused faceWith so many boats to choose from, it is easy for a new boat buyer to be overwhelmed, and as a result, buy a boat based on emotion and excitement at a Boat Show. With the family all excited and wanting to take a boat home from the Boat Show, a quick signature and away you go. But, later you realize there are several things you didn’t consider, and now you wish you hadn’t been so quick with the ink on the contract.

You chock it up to a learning experience, and tell yourself you’ll know better next time. But next time, when you are a repeat buyer, it will be easy to overlook something else, unless you prepare yourself ahead of time.

If you do a little homework with your family before going to the Boat Show, you can prepare yourself to…

“F” = Family

Involve your “F”amily in the discussion about which “F”amily members are going boating with you. Knowing how many people are going boating suggests the size of boat to look at, and the size and ages of the “F”amily could also be an important consideration. For example, will you have a toddler aboard, or an elderly parent who needs easy access?

“I”= Income

What will you be able to afford with your “I”ncome? What will the bank or “I”nstitution loan you? Will you be able to pay for the ongoing costs?

“T” = Type

What “T”ype of boating are you going to do? Where are you going to go? Will the trips be long? Overnight? Determining the “T”ype of boating will narrow down the list of boats to look at. For example, boats that have a head if you are going to overnight. Do you want to fish or ski or a combination of both?

“S” = Savings & Smile of Satisfaction

The “S”avings and “S”mile of “S”atisfaction you will experience, when you get the boat that FITS

your Family

your Income

your Trip

happy face

Buying Tip – Buy a boat that “FITS

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  1. Thanks for the tip to involve your family in the discussion on buying a boat. I think we found the perfect boat for our family, but the problem is that it’s a few states away. We’re thinking of hiring a boat transport service to bring that baby over state lines.

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