Boat Buying Tip – Car vs Boat

Buying a Boat is Different Than Buying a Car

car  VS boat

Buying a car is easy

You shop the local dealers, buy from one of them, take your car home and park it in your driveway to enjoy every day. For the follow-up service and repair, your local dealer is closeby to look after you.

Buying a boat isn’t that easy

Boat dealers aren’t as plentiful as car dealers and are spread across a huge geographic area. Boat Shows are the best place to learn about and compare all the brands and models; and even take advantage of Boat Show Specials.

But, what about the follow-up service and repair?

Is your selling dealer nearby when you need service, warranty or repair OR, hundreds of miles away?

Distance is a key consideration when buying a boat. You don’t want to be “out of boating” for days or weeks while waiting for someone to come from far away for a repair or parts.

Buying from a local dealer, gives you an advantage—actually many advantages;

  • They want to look after you, so that you’ll trade up and buy your next boat from them.
  • They have qualified staff and either a parts department or “just-in-time” delivery in place.
  • They probably boat on the same lake as you.
  • They probably live close by, so would be available in an emergency.
  • Your local dealer will develop a relationship with you, and put you ahead of others getting you back on the water sooner.

Boat Show Tip – Consider the follow-up service/repair
in your boat buying decision.

After the Purchase

To keep your family happy
    and avoid damaging your boat,

To come and go with ease
and enjoy your days afloat,
Invest in a docking lesson—
a deal that can’t be beat.
To eliminate the docking stress,
    during that last 50 feet.

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  1. I find myself thankful that you mentioned how visiting a boat show is the best place to learn about various vessel models and brands. I’ll be sure to share your article with my husband when he gets back from work. We’re very much interested in purchasing a boat but are relatively new to the process.

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