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joy-jumperYou will remember Frantic Fran and Jittery Joe from a previous newsletter. They were ready to give up on boating. Then, they learned how to dock it and decided that boating was fun after all.

Well, now we’d like to share their continuing story:

“Best Investment we ever made”

Last year, we were ready to sell our boat and get out of boating all together, because it was just too stressful and difficult. When we found Doug Dawson’s Boat Docking lessons, all that changed and we decided to keep the boat. It was the best investment we ever made. Doug’s docking lessons made so much sense and were so easy to follow, it didn’t take long before we could easily and confidently dock our boat bow first. The FLIPP Line™ procedure made so much sense. Our whole attitude toward boating has changed now that we can focus on enjoying it rather than worrying about handling the boat—particularly the docking part.

Then, we were  hooked and wanted more…..

“The Second Best Investment”

happy-face-captainWe decided we were ready to learn Doug’s “Docking Your Twin Sterndrive—Advanced” and it was the second best investment we ever made.

We downloaded and printed 229 pages, punched them and put them in a 1” binder. The instructions and diagrams were so detailed and easy to follow, we had no trouble mastering the techniques one at a time.
Now, we travel in our boat and don’t have to worry about backing into a slip with short dock and pilings, parallel docking at a gas dock or even stern in at a gas dock. Many times we encountered situations where the cleats were in the wrong place, but we now know how to handle that and it isn’t difficult at all. Once we had to move the boat over when stern-in at a gas dock, but Joe “shuffled over” without any problem.

We can now raft with our friends, pick up moorings easily and tie port side or starboard side—although we prefer a starboard side tie to make it easier.

queen-franI think the thing that made the most difference was learning how to make the wind work for us instead of against us. Doug’s boat docking lessons cover every wind situation and how to handle each one. We’ve also made friends with the pilings and it’s amazing how they can help us dock.

We’ve met many boaters who can’t do a fraction of what we can, and they paid hundreds of dollars just for a few introductory lessons with an on-board instructor. We figure it would have cost us thousands to learn what we’ve learned about boat handling and docking, thanks to Doug’s Boat Docking lessons.

Joe and I often get compliments from fellow boaters wherever we go. Joe says I am no longer “Frantic Fran”. He says I have graduated to Fabulous Fran. I told him he is no longer Jittery Joe. I refer to him now as “Joe the Docking Pro”.

Boating is GREAT!

Fabulous Fran and Joe the Pro

Boat Docking Lessons – Announcements

Twin Inboard Advanced is Ready

Many of you have requested and have been waiting for “Docking Your Twin Inboard—ADVANCED” and we’ve finally finished and posted it on our website—267 pages of detailed step-by-step instructions for Twin Inboard boaters who have mastered docking bow first and are ready to take their docking skills to the next level—instructions for docking stern-in, docking in a piling slip, rafting, gas dock shuffle and many other neat maneuvers.  It’s a minimal investment for maximum boating enjoyment.

Houseboat Docking Lessons Now Available

Houseboat Docking Lessons – Techniques specific to Houseboats are covered in detail in three “Docking Your Houseboat Lessons”—one for Single O/B and Single I/O, one for Twin O/B and Twin I/O, and one for Twin I/B.

Click here for more on Docking Houseboats.

Boat Docking Lessons are a minimal investment
for maximum boating enjoyment.

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