Boat Shows 2010

washington-boat-showAt New Years celebrations around the globe, we welcomed the New Year POSITIVELY.

We wish a Happy New Year to all our boating families and friends.

All economic signs are indicating a growth in all things positive, so let’s go out and enjoy boating this year.

Navigate, Negotiate & Njoy a 2010 Winter Boat Show

  • Navigate the Boat Show with your boating friends.
  • Plan to navigate a cruise with several boats this summer to new destinations.
  • Negotiate a deal for some marine accessories, for an updated piece of electronics, for some nautical clothing, for a boat.
  • Njoy your new nautical toys and old boating friends.

New Years Resolutions

All who made New Year’s Resolutions are working at sticking to them. For those of you whose Resolution is to get a new boat this year, then you need Doug Dawson’s e-book “Buy a Boat With Confidence and Save Money“.

Boat Show Special-33% Discount

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  • Arm yourself with knowledge
  • Take advantage of the unbelieveable opportunities presented at the Boat Show.
  • Know which boats you should look at,
  • Know what questions to ask,
  • Know who to ask,
  • Know how to get answers,
  • Know how to put in an offer,
  • Know what conditions to include to protect yourself and
  • much, much more.

Learn how to save money

in all seven steps of the Boat Buying Process.

Navigate your way to a 2010 Boat Show and negotiate a deal on the right boat for you that FITS your boating needs, so you and your family can enjoy a great boating season.

Navigate your way to a Boat Show even if you don’t plan to negotiate a new boat this year. Boat Shows are a great opportunity to meet friends, dealers, see new products and become more familiar with the boating lifestyle. Most of all, it is is just plain fun to see new boats and dream of sunny days on the water.

Navigate your way to a Boat Show near you:

Winter Boat Show Links

Discover Boating – Boat Show List

National Marine Manufacturers Association – Boat Show List

Show Management – Boat Show List

Google your favorite boat manufacturers because many have a Boat Show Schedule on their sites.

Njoy navigating and negotiating,
Doug Dawson

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