Boat Show Overload

smartphone cartoonAre you in the market for a new boat?

Boat Shows are the best place to go, to see, to touch and to compare a variety of new boats (and used boat listings) displayed by manufacturers, dealers and marinas with knowledgeable staff just waiting to answer your questions.

But, far too often, show goers suffer from “Boat Show Overload”.  Prospective boat buyers get home from the Boat Show and quickly realize that all the information has merged in their brain and they can’t remember which boats had what features, what was standard on each one, what the options were, the interior colour choices, motor options, etc, etc, etc.

What now?

Your Smart Phone can change all that! Let your smart phone be your memory. Taking pictures, video and recording voice has never been easier and there is no cost. Unlike a few years ago when we had to buy film and pay an arm and a leg for processing, everyone has a smart phone today that doesn’t require film or developing cost and you can take hundreds of pictures.

In years past, the boat manufacturers printed a huge supply of brochures for show goers to take with them to remember the boats they had seen; but, not any more. Most manufacturers today have moved into the digital age and have all their specs, pictures and information on their websites. Now, you can let your smart phone capture the specific details for you. It will be your memory and organize your boat show information.

Take Pictures

Take pictures with your smart phone to give you a detailed record of the features for each boat. To mark the beginning of each boat “file”, take a picture of the exterior and a close-up of the brand name and model. In the weeks following the Show, you will instantly know which pictures belong to each boat when you are reviewing and comparing as you narrow down your choices. Once you have the boat identification picture marking the beginning of the “file”, take shots of all the details you want to remember, inside and out.

Video Recorder

Most smart phones have video capability, so you can video as you tour each boat and capture your own voice while describing what you are seeing, the location, the pros and cons as you go. You can also video conversations with the salesperson who answers your specific questions, for later reference and comparison with the other boats you consider at the Boat Show.

Voice Recorder

Another smart phone feature is a voice recorder that is a little less obvious than a video recorder—just press “start”. Use the voice recorder for the salesperson’s answers to your questions and save the video recorder for your boat tour. You can also use your voice recorder to save your thoughts and suggestions rather than trying to write and save notes.

man using smartphoneTips

I’d suggest you practice using your Smart Phone to video and record at home before the Show so that you don’t fumble and waste valuable Boat Show time trying to figure it out; or worse, recording everything on the wrong setting and not being able to view it later.

Don’t be afraid to ask your kids or grandkids to help you figure it out—LOL. 

I’d also suggest you take your charger with you. Some of the older phones run out of battery very quickly, so you will want to be able to charge the battery somewhere while you are having lunch. Or, family members or friends can use their smartphone when yours runs out.


Take advantage of the technology in your Smart Phone. Enjoy your time at the Boat Show and learn all you can. Bring home all your research nicely organized for reviewing and comparing the boats you have inspected to make an informed boat buying decision.

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