Boat Shows Cure “foot-itis”

Kaitlyn boat showBoaters love looking at boats and what better place to look than at a Boat Show!

Whether “just looking” for interest sake, or because they are suffering from “foot-it is” and ready to move up a few feet, they are adding Boat Shows to their calendars and planning a get-away-day at the Show.

Deals will be made and excited boaters will take delivery of their new pride and joy; BUT, a good percentage of them will make a huge mistake.

They will assume that their new boat (with different drive system than their old boat) will handle and dock the same way, not realizing that each drive system requires different handling and docking techniques.

The good news is:

Shorten your learning curve and start the season with docking skills; instead of trying to learn as you go—experiencing docking crashes, crew alienation, embarrassment and being mocked by fellow boaters.

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