Boater’s Bucket List

my bucket list pic

Bucket Lists come in all shapes and sizes with everything under the sun on the list.

We have simplified it for boaters, challenging them to become the best boaters they can be.

Check off each item on the Boater’s Bucket List and your accomplishments will be HUGE!

You will be the boat docking Pro you always wanted to be.

bucket scheck Become a boat docking Pro,
so family and friends will want to go.
 bucket scheck Conquer the monstrous wakes,
to protect family and boat on the lakes.
 bucket scheck Trim my boat correctly,
so my friends will admire not laugh at me.
 bucket scheck Tie the boat right,
when leaving it for the night.
 bucket scheck Learn new tips to eliminate stress and fear,
when docking in a slip, at a wharf or on a pier.
 bucket scheck Learn boating knots ‘til I can tie them right—
quickly, easily and perfectly tight.
 bucket scheck Make steering easier and real,
by marking “Top Dead Centre on the steering wheel.
 bucket scheck Anchor right,
so we’ll sleep at night.
 bucket scheck Be safe and organized every day,
stowing fenders and lines while under way.
 bucket scheck Teach my family and friends to take over for me,
just in case of an unexpected emergency.
 bucket scheck Switch hats often with my First Mate,
so both of us will be first rate!
 bucket scheck When docking, eliminate the yelling, swearing, jumping,
boat hooks, bionics, dock helpers and guesswork.

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