Boating Tip – Messless Corn


Preparing and cooking corn is a messy business whether at home or on the boat.

The husks and corn silk requires lost of cleanup when you remove it before cooking and if you remove it after cooking, it is too hot to handle and makes a mess anyway—that’s not good news on a boat.

So we haven’t had corn on the boat for years.

Then, I came across a simple solution on the internet, to eliminate all the husk mess on the boat and turn serving corn on the cob, as a meal or a side, into an easy process.

For boaters corn on the cob is a great option.

For boaters with a microwave, just put your corn (husk and all) into the microwave. Cook on high for about 4 minutes per ear (it depends on the size of the cob). Immediately remove and place on a bread board. Cut off the fat end at the thickest point. Then, with towel or oven mitt, hold the top end and shake. Your cob will slide out of the husk onto the plate without even any silk. Throw the husk into the garbage. Fast, simple and no mess.

For boaters using a BBQ aboard, the same process works. Just be sure to turn the cob often during cooking and cook a little longer–about 10 minutes (it depends on the size of the cob and the temperature of the BBQ). There is a little more cleanup with this method because there will be burnt bits of husk that tend to make some mess.

So, don’t discount corn on the cob as an appetizer (cut in pieces), a lunch or a side vegetable for dinner on the boat or at home.

Brenda Dawson

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