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sharingMore Boating Tips to simplify boating. Why re-invent the wheel? If someone has already found a better way to do things, why not switch to a better way?

Some simple boating tips can help you eliminate frustration and let you have time to enjoy boating with family and friends.

The more we share our tips, the better boating is for all.

 One great cleaner does the work of many

spray-bottleBrenda has been complaining for years that boaters need to have too many cleaners on their boats, but boats don’t have the space for all of them. She was searching for one cleaner that would do all—or almost all, and she found it. Water in a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth works wonders. See article “Too many cleaners“.

Sophia has also discovered the power of water to clean aboard her boat and recommends others do the same. It is easy and environmentally friendly. She admits though, that the power is really in the microfiber cloth.

Ramp from the Left

Jerry and his family launch their boat at the ramp when they want to go out and enjoy fishing. Through trial and error, he discovered that by backing down the ramp from the left, he could see the trailer wheels in his driver’s side rear view mirror. Now he has no problem aiming his trailer down the ramp.

Way to go Jerry. This is a great tip known by some but not by most. By sharing this tip, you have shortened the learning curve of other boaters using the ramp. See “Ramping Your Boat” article.

Get Docking Lessons

“I’ve been boating for 20 years without a problem docking, but I couldn’t dock my new sterndrive” said Dave. “I struggled and got frustrated trying to figure it out” Then I gave in and got lessons. After a few hours, I was able to dock my boat!”

We recommend that boaters get lessons first. Why reinvent docking? Dave is right. Just be sure you get the lesson specific to your drive system because each requires different docking techniques. For more information on docking see our Website.

Foil Boats

foil-boatsTo eliminate BBQ cleanup and reduce pots and pans cleanup, I sometimes use Foil Boats on the BBQ. Take a piece of aluminum foil and scrunch up the edges to make a little boat.

Put your fish, veggies, stuffed mushrooms or whatever in the foil boat and put it on the barbeque to cook. Some foods need a foil lid to keep moisture in.

After dinner, cleanup is simple. Throw away the foil boats. No BBQ or Pots to clean.

Send your Boating Tip

Please feel free to add your helpful boating tips below in “Comments”.

It is great to come up with a better way to do something. It is even better when you share it with others and one day hear your idea comes back to you from another boater.

By sharing our boating tips, we can all enjoy boating more.


Brenda Dawson

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