Buy a Boat–BUT, Which is the Right Boat to Buy?

confusedIs now the right time to buy a boat and which is the right boat to buy?

When buying a car, you look for one that suits your needs whether you are driving alone to work, or shuffling family members to and from activities, taking long trips for holidays with kids and pets or combinations of different travel needs. The most important consideration is determining what you are going to use the vehicle for and buy the right one for your needs.

You also consider the price. Knowing what can you afford, there’s no sense looking at a Hummer if a Civic is what fits your budget—unless you can get an unbelievably great price on a Hummer.

With so many features on each, it’s wise to compare, touch and feel all vehicles on your short list, before you make the final decision.

Similarly when buying a boat,

determine what activities you want the boat for, then check out those boats that fit your budget.

Boat Shows are the best place to see, touch and compare dozens of models in most brands. Knowledgeable staff are on hand, to answer any questions you may have and may even offer you a “Boat Show Deal”.  BUT, there is….

So much to know about a Boat Show before you head out to get the “Deal”.

How do you get the most out of a Boat Show?

Similar to the expression “You wouldn’t take a knife to a gun fight”, you wouldn’t take a bowrider on a month long cruise or a yacht water skiing. Go to the Boat Show armed with over 400 pages of knowledge on how to buy the Right Boat and take advantage of all the Boat Show has to offer. You’ll learn how to determine what activities you and your family want the boat for, which boats are suited for which activities, whether to buy new or used, what to look for when financing and what questions to ask when you get to the boat show.

You need to go to the Boat Show knowing the difference between a marina, a broker, a dealer, a factory rep, and a boat builder. Why? It can make a huge difference! All this and more in “Buy a Boat With Confidence” will prepare you for the Boat Show to help you enjoy your day and find the right boat for you.

Winter Boat Show season has started, so………….


Get on Your Mark

Prepare yourself by ordering “Buy a Boat with Confidence” – at the Boat Show special price

Get Set!

Find a Boat Show – search “Boat Show” and the name of a city near you in your Browser.


Go to the Boat Show prepared for a great experience! Pick out the right boat for you.

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