Buy A New Boat?

With the economic changes in the world in 2011, we are left with challenging times in 2012. But, we believe there are opportunities and that includes boating. We may have to be more flexible and enjoy our boats in new ways, but definitely keep boating on your list in 2012.

Boating is not only your mental escape, it is also proven to be beneficial to your family’s health. If you are in the market for a new boat, there are some great buys out there.


Buy a New Boat?

For the boat buyers with cash or pre-arranged financing, this winter’s Boat Show season is the perfect time to buy a new boat– Any type, any size—Either a 2012 or a 2011. Why? You can buy low and sell high later!

You may get the deal of a lifetime on in-stock inventory—either the dealer’s or his manufacturer’s inventory.

In a few years, there will be a shortage of used 2011’s and 2012’s, for the then high demand resale market, so you should get top dollar for it. We experienced this during the late and mid 1990’s with the high resale value of the early 1990’s boats, because of the shortage caused by that economic situation. Now is your opportunity to profit as history will repeat.

Be Flexible

Buying a boat from inventory, you may have to be a bit more flexible than you normally prefer. You may not be able to find an inventory boat with just the combination of options that you want.

You may not be able to find an inventory boat with just the décor and colours that you prefer.

You may not be able to find an inventory boat in your number one choice of brands or your number one choice of dealers.

BUT, if what you find has acceptable options, colours and brand for you and a future buyer, then go for it. Get an acceptable boat, enjoy it, then in a few years sell it and profit.

During this winter’s Boat Show season, boat buyers will instantly become a friend for life of the dealer who is thrilled and relieved to move his inventory for cash.

“Cash is King”

As you know, businesses need cash to pay their bills. The dealer/marina that you buy from will be appreciative—more than normal. You’ll not only help the dealer/marina weather this economic storm, but you’ll be helping the economy get back on track.

Deal of a Lifetime

Get the deal of a lifetime. Shop knowledgeably and wisely and find the right boat for you for the right price. Do your homework. Look at boats that will suit your desired activity (eg. Waterskiing) and compare between several brands, models and dealers. Sometimes, a package deal with have everything you want all bundled in one price. If not, choose carefully to get what you need and want for an exceptional price.

If the dealer you want to buy from doesn’t have the boat you want in stock, insist that he have the factory check all the other dealers’ inventory before you pay more. Some dealers work together, just like car dealers swap cars. You may have to be flexible on a few options, but you could save big time.

So, consider the following:

  • Shop knowledgeably and wisely
  • Buy the Right Boat for you.
  • Help ensure dealers/marinas are there for your future boating needs.
  • Help nudge the economy towards a recovery.
  • Sell your boat it in a few years and profit.

It’s a “win-win” all around.

Doug Dawson

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