Canvas Straps Damage Clear Windows

canvas-straps-hanging-downEvery boat with a bimini top or camper enclosure, has straps that hang down as shown in the picture to the left.

canvas-straps-rolled-upTheir purpose is to hold rolled-up doors and windows up and out of the way for access or ventilation, as shown in the picture at the right.

However, when not in use as hold-up straps, they damage the clear plastic or vinyl windows, as they dangle back and forth in the wind or the movement of the boat leaving a half-moon scratch on the plastic.

There is such an easy way to avoid the scratching.

canvas-snaps-securedWhen not in use, snap each pair of straps horizontally to each other to prevent swinging and scratching.

Most top manufacturers and repair shops install this extra pair of snaps on top curtains for this purpose. Just snap them together as shown in the picture to prevent this “half-moon” scratch on your vinyl or plastic windows.

For boaters without this extra pair of snaps, search out your local boat canvas repair shop and ask them to install them.

This trip to his shop will give you the no obligation opportunity to quiz him about your next big canvas job. The time to do it is now so all the measurements can be taken and the job scheduled over the winter. They survive on winter work jobs and you get your canvas work done before boating season starts. It’s a win-win.

See our previous article on Replacing Canvas to discover options to discuss with your canvas shop.

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