Dock Wheel

2-wheels-dockendWhen you are challenged with a narrow slip or have a slip neighbor with a wide beam leaving you very little room to maneuver, especially with a wind against you, you might want to consider a Dock Wheel. Or, if you are teaching family members to dock, you may want some added insurance against hull damage during the learning process.

Installed on the outside corner or your finger dock, the Dock Wheel will roll your boat into the slip when it touches the wheel on the corner-much better than letting the corner of the dock scrape or gouge your boat.

dock wheel 9inch sm2This Corner Dock Wheel is molded of thick marine grade vinyl to withstand rough treatment and harsh marine conditions. The wheel has a molded-in hub and axle, so there are no metal to metal fittings to rust or corrode. It is suitable for boats up to 30′ and mounts on the corner of the dock. The metal bracket is galvanized welded steel.

The corner mounting gives more strength than a side mount and protects you from the corner of the dock as well as having it slide you into your slip.

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