Are Your Lines Ratty or Ready?

 Early Spring? – Take advantage

n3812docklineSpring is definitely early. Maybe we’ll be lucky and be able to start our boating season early as well this year.

Why not take advantage of this beautiful weather to prepare a new set of lines for your boat and be ready for boating.

Just pick up a Fid. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to splice rope and create dock lines and mooring lines. And the bonus is, you can save up to 40%.

With a new set of lines, your boat will not only look better, it will also be safer and you’ll be prepared for all docking scenerios and anchoring situations.

Every boat needs a good set of docking/mooring lines, and a second set of dock lines is a good idea. Why?……

Second set of Lines

So, you can leave your regular set tied to your dock and tie with the second set while out cruising. This way, docking is so much simpler every time you come back to your own permanent slip or dock.

If your lines are ratty, frayed or worn, and need replacing, and/or you need a second set, now is a GREAT time to cross that job off your “to do” list–well ahead of summer.

Ready-Made vs Splicing

You can order ready-made lines or make your own. All you need to make your own is a coil of rope, a fid, instructions, a roll of electrical tape, a sharp knife, a candle and a comfortable chair by the fire. A coil of rope that you cut and splice yourself is a whole lot more economical, than buying pre-spliced dock lines.

You can even make it a family event. Everyone can participate in developing a new skill–splicing lines.

I’ve been splicing my own boating lines since I was a Boy Scout and I still get requests for splicing dog leashes, tent lines and, of course, dock lines. It is a skill that will give you satisfaction and you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

Easy and Save $$$

It isn’t difficult. It’s very rewarding and something you can do, while sipping your favourite beverage by the fireplace. You can save 23% over ready-made nylon twist dock lines and more than 40% over ready–made braided dock lines.

You can buy a coil of rope from your local marina/marine store


For boaters who’d rather buy ready-made pre-spliced lines, just call and we’ll get you a quote.

Get Splicing

Get a head start on your summer “To Do” list.

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