Don’t Hit the Dooock!

cruiser hit dockJoe and Judy (not their real names) had launched a few days ago and were organizing their boat for a great summer season, when they heard a cry from the First Mate aboard the boat attempting to dock beside them. “Honey, DON’T HIT THE DOOOCK!” she screamed, sending shivers through Joe’s spine.

What followed was a huge CRUNCH and “Too late”, as he smashed into the dock, damaging his hull and leaving his screw-up mark forever on the dock.

 Joe continued his story. “I wondered for just a moment about what I should say to him. Then, I asked quietly, “Have you considered taking docking lessons?” The Captain was silent, but his First Mate was quick to reply “We need all the help we can get”.

I was so sympathetic with this couple’s experience because that was me last year, and I felt compelled to share what I had learned.

embarrassmentAfter embarrassing myself a year ago, I realized that I needed help. So, I spent time with Google looking for help and found I downloaded the single outboard docking lesson and the video, and have to admit it was the best investment I have ever made. I couldn’t believe the detail and great advice with diagrams and step-by-step instructions. It was just what I needed and it made a world of difference to my docking.

When I shared my experience with them, the First Mate said “Honey, maybe we should order a docking lesson.” “Okay” was his timid reply. “I’ll order one tomorrow” she said.

I am absolutely certain that Dawsons  e-lesson and video, will change their boating future as it did mine. I only wish I had known about these lessons, before I screwed up. I could have avoided the embarrassment and repair costs.

happy danceBoaters have to stick together and help each other. I slept well knowing that our new dock neighbor’s docking was about to change for the better and I encourage other boaters to do the same.

Over the next few weeks, “Captain Crunch” became “Captain Crunchless”. There were no more “Don’t hit the Dooock” cries, no more entertainment and no more expensive repairs.

Pass this on…..

Joe and Judy (Names changed at their request)

They were embarrassed enough and have left it behind them thanks to our lessons.

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