Enjoy Boating For Less

rachel-kids-swim-platformEnjoy what you’ve got! Spice up your boat a little and take this opportunity to relax on the water to escape the everyday stresses. Everything is better on a boat.

Enhance your boat to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. Enhancing Your Boat is a free e-Lesson available on our website with many inexpensive ways to add features for enjoyment and safety, simplify procedures to eliminate frustrations, gain knowledge, improve skills and more.

Enjoying Closer Destinations

drinks-on-platformThink about enjoying closer destinations and different ways to boat. Somehow, many boaters have become used to believing that they have to travel to unknown places to have a holiday. Not so. Some of the best places are close by and you can save a lot of money on fuel, have a shorter trip and more time to enjoy the destination—whether the destination is an anchorage for the afternoon or over-nighting at a nearby facility.

If you think about it, your nearby destination is a faraway destination for boaters from another harbour. Enjoy what they enjoy when they visit.

We endorse the smart Tourist Associations that are promoting,
“Enjoy your own backyard”.
You’ll not only help the local economy, you’ll save money too.

Saving Meal Costs

bbq-aboardInstead of dining out every weekend, consider barbequing aboard or at the marina’s picnic table with fellow boaters, family and/or friends. Just involve everyone in meal preparation and cleanup so one person doesn’t get saddled with all the work. Share the work, share the fun.

Anchor out and barbeque dinner aboard. This saves a long distance trip, transient dockage and restaurant meals.

Reward youself by enjoying your favourite restaurant on the water once a month, instead of every weekend.

Saving Fuel Costs

When we wrote “27 Fuel Saving Tips” (Free download), we realized that you don’t have to go far to enjoy the water. We started choosing local marinas to visit and enjoy what they had to offer instead of travelling great distances. The big benefit–reduced fuel costs. The oil companies don’t need your hard earned money.

Knot Tying

Tying-and-Using-Knots-websHave the whole family learn the “Six Knots You Need to Know”. We have them all listed on our website with pictures, video and most importantly, what to use them for after you have learned to tie them.

Turn knot tying into an event or game to see who can tie all six the fastest or who can catch a line while in the water and tie a bowline around their waist ready for rescue. Kids love these kinds of challenges and will be able to use the knots forever-not just on the boat but all year—at home, in the garage, at work, in the yard, everywhere.

Knots are Free and Reliable and can save a life and protect your boat from costly repairs.

Continue having fun on your boat this summer

even if it “Rains on your Parade”

Enjoy Boating for Less!

by Doug and Brenda Dawson

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