Fall Boating is like a Roll of Toilet Paper

Fall boating

Andy Rooney, known for his words of wisdom, once said that “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes”.

His words are still true today, don’t you think?

Fall Boating it seems, is also like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to haul-out, the faster the days go by.

Fall boating days run out fast—just like the end of the roll of toilet paper.

Fall Boating

So, we must take advantage of every fall day enjoying boating to the fullest. Sometimes, when the temperature is warm, but the wind is blowing too hard for a comfortable cruise in a power boat, sailors are out enjoying the wind in their sails, while we enjoy our power boat at the dock with some snacks and drinks, a little music and great conversation with other power boaters.

On calmer fall days, power boaters get out on the water admiring all the coloured leaves as trees prepare for winter. A few extra layers of clothing protect us from the cooler fall weather and allows us more boating days.

A mug of hot coffee or hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps is a great way to warm up after a chilly cruise or sail.

Sometimes, while relaxing aboard, you can make good use of your time listing winter projects like canvas repairs. Take time to think about what repairs or improvements you want to have done over the winter. Discuss dock line replacement, electronics, etc. It is also a great time to study docking techniques and even practice docking. Get a Docking Lesson with diagrams and detailed instructions that walk you through each step with “how-to” explanations.

One new tip learned can make all the difference!

This fall in particular, our Windy is a great escape from all the renovation noise in our Condo Building. It is a big project and we are more than happy that it is being done; but it is nice to have a place to go, to have a noise-free break.

Listening to the water lapping on the hull, the cries of the birds overhead and even the flapping of halyards on the masts is a welcome noise after listening to jack hammers and saws and drills all day, every day.

I am sure you have many more ways to enjoy fall days on your boats. We all need to just get out there and “do it” before haul-out day arrives.

It’s just around the corner.

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