Food, Food, Food and More Food

treadmillWe boaters love to eat and drink and entertain. It seems that this activity takes up most of the day and that ISN’T a good thing. At a recent dockside party, I was asked “How do you exercise on a boat? There isn’t room for any exercise equipment.”

Well, that’s true. Nobody wants to boat with their treadmill, stepper, or any other equipment. After all, we exercised all winter to be ready for summer so we wouldn’t have to. But, what about all that food? More food and less exercise is a no-win/add pounds formula—and none of us want that!

I have a solution that works for me and could work for you too.

Oxygen is the key to feeling great and, if you want to, you can lose some extra pounds and IT’s FREE! You don’t have to buy it every month, you don’t have to find a place on your boat to keep it. And yet it has the most immediate and dramatic effect on your metabolism.

exercise-beachJill Johnson developed a program called Oxycise!—a simple, powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique combined with flexing and contracting of all muscle groups.

You can Oxycise! standing, sitting, or even lying down. I think most people do Oxycise to lose weight, but I like it more for the way it makes me feel.

The Oxycise program takes only 15 minutes a day and exercises every muscle in your body leaving you feeling like a million bucks.

All you need is a small space on the floor (cockpit, deck, main salon, dock) and a chair or seat or lounge. You can even do it on the beach.

It’s easy and you don’t work up a sweat but reap all the benefits of aerobic exercise.

I’ve been doing a 15 minute Oxycise routine for well over 10 years now and prefer it over all the other programs I’ve tried. You go at your own pace and increase intensity when you are ready.

The added benefit is that your body doesn’t resist the physical jobs on the boat anymore. They become easy to do instead of hard work–no aches or pains.

I started with Jill’s Original Oxycise! Level 1 VHS Set and learned the routine so I could do it without having to watch the video instruction. Now, Jill Johnson has DVD’s so they are even easier. You can learn at home or bring your DVD Player to the boat.

Jill has a special on the one I bought but it is on DVD instead of VHS Tape. It is called

TV Special – Standard Series – w/ Jill’s Original Level One

Checkout Oxycise for yourself to keep exercising aboard and feeling like a million bucks every day on the water without equipment—just fresh air!

Happy Boating.

Brenda Dawson

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