Frustrating Faucets

Working in galley sinks takes some practice. Most are small single bowls–some round, some square, some deep and others shallow. Mastering this comes with time and practice and a few tips as well.

Water doesn’t always land in the sink

The frustrating part can sometimes be the faucet. Because of the limited counter space in the galley of most power boats and sailboats, manufacturers often mount the faucet in the most convenient place for the installer–not the user. However, depending on the water pressure and also the length and angle of the spout, the water doesn’t always land in the sink–especially when rinsing the soap from your dishes.

The result is water all over the counter. All of a sudden "doing dishes" becomes frustrating and a real chore with lots of additional clean up.

Simple Solution

A simple solution is to purchase a double swivel faucet aerator. You can buy them from any hardware store for only a few dollars. The last flyer we saw, had them on sale for $3.00. Such a small investment will reap great rewards. It extends the spout closer to the middle of the sink and away from the edge. This aerator gives you a shower spray for rinsing or direct flow, and you can angle it to suit what you are doing. It rotates 360 degrees allowing easy rinsing of your dishes. You can even get them in black or white.

To alleviate some galley frustrations, put a double swivel faucet aerator on your shopping list this spring and take it to the boat with you for a more enjoyable boating season.

Brenda Dawson



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