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For the First Mate on your Christmas list, finding the perfect gift can be quite a challenge.

Why not give a gift that makes life easier and more fun aboard your boat?

First Mate 101 does just that. Brenda shares tips and tricks to simplify the work leaving more time for the fun aboard.

When the First Mate is happy, everybody is happy and boating is a whole lot more fun!

Put a checkmark on your Christmas List. Order your copy today and get 2 free bonuses with your order. You can choose between printed or electronic download……..

First Mate 101half tree is the book you should read,
   if help aboard your boat is what you need.

Why struggle with First Mate chores every day
   when there is an easier and better way?

Brenda has been boating for many, many years
   sharing her tips to have fun and eliminate fears.

Learn to dock without tension, anchor with ease,
   and when it advantageous to tie to the trees.

Discover which towels are the worst and the best
and how to entertain and educate your guest.

Eliminate the problems of garbage on board
and find the best place for wine to be stored.

Get rid of the shouting and awkwardness
   by knowing what to do and not have to guess.

Learn how switching hats gets your work done   
  so you don’t always have to be the one.

There are far too many tips for this short rhyme,
   You’ll just have to buy the book and read it sometime.

Shorten your learning curve by using Brenda’s tips 
   to put fun and enjoyment in your boating trips.

Put First Mate 101 Under Your Christmas Tree

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