Go Prepared

If you are shopping for a boat, read “Buy a Boat With Confidence”-everything you need to know about buying a boat.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Dress for “go” not for “show”. 
  • Leave your heavy coats in your vehicle or cloakroom. Shoes should be clean deck shoes (empty the treads first), runners or sandals that slip off easily. Many exhibitors will expect you to take off your shoes to board the boats
  • Check your socks for holes before you leave home to avoid embarrassment.
  • Cell Phones are a great way to communicate, if you get separated.
  • Take a calculator for comparing boat and option packages and deals.
  • Pick up brochures and business cards for later follow up. 
  • Carry a back pack with pen, paper, bottle of water and cards with your name, address and email to leave with salespeople.
  • Be sure to take plenty of notes for later review to eliminate boats merging in your mind.


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