Good Weather Days

irish coffee brieWeather is as unpredictable as many other things influencing our lives today.

Every country in the world is experiencing huge changes in weather patterns and, most often, our forecasters can’t accurately predict long term or even short term.

Planning a trip now, becomes more difficult—especially when crossing large bodies of water. You have to plan for almost everything.

But, it isn’t all bad!

We get to enjoy all the good weather days all year long!

In summer, we schedule our boating time to be on the boat and enjoy every good weather day on the water.

doug irish coffeeDuring the winter, when our cruiser Windy is stored, we again take advantage of good days to visit our boat, give her a pat, do our regular check to make sure everything is okay—no shrink-wrap leaks, no snow load, properly vented, no rodents, etc. Then, we sit and enjoy being aboard and dream of launch in just a few months. See note below

brenda irish coffeeYesterday, when the temperature rose a few degrees and the sun was peeking through the cloud layer, we enjoyed a thermos of Irish Coffee and a hot baked Brie aboard.

Who says you can’t enjoy your boat when blanketed by snow?

 Have you visited your boat this winter?

What did you do?

Note: Check with your marina or storage facility first, to make sure they will allow you to board. Our Windy is stored in our driveway–no driving home after Irish Coffee.

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