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In case you haven’t heard, the world will have almost no indoor Boat Shows this winter!

Normally, at this time of the year, boaters are all geared up and excited about upcoming Boat Shows. The thought of seeing and touching the new models was a powerful incentive to attend Boat Shows.

But, normal isn’t normal anymore! Boat Shows like most other events, are cancelled—dashing the dreams of thousands of boaters who still want to live to enjoy their lives on the water and, for many, that includes buying another boat!

We won’t have the opportunity to see, touch, feel and compare the new products, as well as talk to the knowledgeable sales staff in the exhibits–Not only on the new models, but also the details about all the used boats that they have for sale at their marinas.

We won’t be able to count on Boat Shows to rev up our excitement of the upcoming boating season, as the countdown to spring launch begins.

Boaters, as we all know, are resourceful and will find ways to gather the boat information they need to help them in the buying process. Following is a list of ideas to pursue in the absence of boat shows:

Virtual Boat Shows

Not only boaters, but boat show organizers are also coming up with new ways to get boaters and boats together. The Toronto International Boat Show, for example, is one that is now offering a whole new way for you to get ready for your boating season. Their Show is now Virtual. They offer virtual exhibitor spaces where you can live chat, email, join a video room, schedule a meeting or just browse. There are Show Specials, Seminars, Workshops, Contests and even a Draw. https://torontoboatshow.com/

Most likely, other Shows will go Virtual as well. Check them out.


Marinas/Dealers will still have plenty of boats in their yards and showrooms with staff ready to answer all your questions.

Call your local dealer to find out what they have to offer. Many of the sales staff now, are holding ZOOM meetings with their customers, where you are able to see each other, while sharing pictures and information.

The Internet

The internet is a great resource. Using the search engines can result in treasure troves of information on the models that interest you. Check out the user groups to learn what others say about the boat—what they like and dislike. What difficulties they have or haven’t had. How did they resolve the problems? Finding out before you buy can save you money.


By emailing and phoning vendors of boats listed for sale, you can learn more and get answers to your questions. Sometimes, you will be able to contact the owner directly and other times you will work through a marina or broker.

Sorting and Shortening Your List

Once you have gathered all your information, the next step is to narrow down the list to something manageable. Then, shorten some more until you have the list down to the 2 or 3 boats at the top of your list. Now with this short list you are ready to follow up.

Old Boat Brochures

For those looking for a used boat, a great resource is www.OldBoatBrochures.com . They have approximately 14,000 old boat brochures dating back to the 1950’s, that will show you the original pictures, specs and copy. Some have history and much more information. Get a scanned pdf copy of the boat’s original sales literature emailed to you.

For boaters, who are planning to purchase a newer or different used boat, doing a little homework first, and getting the details will be a great help when shopping. You can get a brochure for it from www.OldBoatBrochures.com with all the original specifications and copy. Educate yourself to be a more knowledgeable buyer.

Used Boats

For boaters, who are planning to trade or sell their used boat this season, you can also get a brochure from www.OldBoatBrochures.com. With the original specs and info, you will be able to create a more professional and detailed presentation to trade or sell it faster and for more.

www.OldBoatBrochures.com has approximately 14,000 boat brochures in the library dating back to the 1950’s–power and sail. Get a scanned pdf copy of your boat’s original sales literature emailed to you.

New this year, they have some duplicate copies of some of the brochures, so they are offering these printed original duplicates for sale. They are limited, so inquire first if you wish a printed brochure, instead of a pdf.

Go to www.OldBoatBrochures.com for more information on ordering either a scanned brochure or an original printed brochure. Start the excitement!

Arming yourself with knowledge, even without Boat Shows, could be a bit overwhelming and disappointing.

On the other hand, it could be quite a new and exciting experience.

Give it a try!

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