Head-O-Matic Tankette


“Stinky Holding Tanks can destroy marriages!”

tankette-unitSave your marriage now by preventing those head odors before they start. Why put up with holding tank odor if you don’t have to? Head-O-Matic Tank-ette is a simple solution that automatically looks after the odor for you.

It only takes minutes and is easy to install anywhere in the raw water intake on most manufactured marine head systems, between the hull and the toilet pump. This system treats the bowl as you pump water in, the lines and the holding tank with each use.


All you have to do is insert a “Head-O-Matic Bullet” in the Tank-ette and you’re good to go.

The Head-O-Matic Bullet is a concentrated head chemical that comes in a 5 bullet blister pack– lasts 3 to 6 weeks in the tankette.

  • Tank-ette instantly eliminates intake line odors.
  • Tank-ette helps keep all piping free running and lubricates pumping mechanism.
  • Tank-ette auto feeds exact amount of chemical needed in holding tank.
  • Tank-ette eliminates need for messy blue liquid chemicals
  • Tank-ette is easy to install in the intake line to the head of any
    manufacturer’s marine toilet system.
  • Head-O-Matic Tank-ette “Bullet”. When no more blue color shows in the head’s bowl, simply “pop” another “Bullet” into the tank-ette. (Note: Be sure to turn off the seacock first. Then, after you have popped in the bullet, turn it back on and check to make sure there are no leaks.) Instantly controls odors, Breaks down waste, lubricates pumping mechanism, retards calcium buildup and keeps the holding tank fresh. “Really works!”
  • Bullets last three to six weeks.
  • Bullets are environmentally friendly.
  • Bullets DO NOT contain chlorine. (chlorine would cause the rubber bushings and seals to dry up and fail)
  • rotating-feetThe Head-O-Matic Tankette has adjustable rotating feet allowing you to install your Tankette anywhere and at any angle.
  • The tankette unit is 5 1/2″ long x 2 1/2″ in diameter as shown above. When you add the hose connectors, or elbows to both ends, the overall length required is 9″. Then, you have to allow a little more space for your hoses. The overall height to the top of the cap is 6 1/2″.

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