Head-O-Matic Tankette Installation

Head-O-Matic Tankette is easy to install….

A  typical boat installation


The tankette unit is 5 1/2″ long x 2 1/2″ in diameter as shown above. When you add the hose connectors, or elbows to both ends, the overall length required is 9″. Then, you have to allow a little more space for your hoses. The overall height to the top of the cap is 6 1/2″.

Actual installation pictures in a very tight location right beside the pillow in the midcabin bed.


 Q & A

  • Do I mount the tankette horizontally only? – Yes, the long section of the tankette should be horizontal so that when you take the cap off to install a new puck, the remaining chemical and water doesn’t run out. The brackets swivel on the tankette unit so you can screw it down either to a floor or to a wall. See picture above. The unit above mounted to the side of a stringer in the bottom of a tiny midcabin locker under a seat.
  • Do I have to take the paper wrap off the puck before putting it in the unit? – No. Leave the paper on. It breaks down and works its way through. It is biodegradable. If you take the cover off, your fingers will turn blue like a smurf. LOL
  • When do I replace the puck? – A new puck needs to be installed when no more blue is being pumped into the toilet bowl. 
  • How do I install a new puck? – Step 1, turn off the seawater seacock/water pressure system. Step 2, pump the toilet until no more water comes through. What you want to do is empty the tankette of water. Step 3, remove the cap. The vertical tube should be empty of water. Step 4, Without removing the wrapper, drop in a new puck Step 5, replace cap tight. Step 6, turn on the water supply. Step 7, pump some water through. The water into the bowl should turn blue.
  • How do I adjust the amount of chemical flowing into the toilet bowl? – If you feel that you want to reduce the chemical flow into the toilet and tank, you can adjust it. Step 1, Wait until the current puck is totally used up and no more blue is coming through. Step 2, turn off the seawater seacock/water pressure system. Step 3, pump the toilet until no more water comes through. You want to empty the water out of the tankette. Step 4, Remove the cap. Again, the vertical tube should be empty of water. Step 5, Across the bottom of the unit, there is a plastic tube with holes in it that is over an inner tube that has holes in it. The holes are lined up at the factory for maximum flow. To reduce the flow, you can rotate the outer tube with an ice pick or a small screwdriver to reduce the size of the holes and therefore the flow. Try reducing only a quarter of a hole so that three quarters of the hole is still open. Step 6, Without removing the wrapper, drop in a new puck. Step 7, Replace the cap tight. Step 8, Turn on the water supply. Step 9, Pump some water through. Run with it until that puck disappears and then you can decide whether you want to leave it at three quarters of a hole or adjust  half a hole or put it back to complete circles. This will depend on how much you and your crew use the toilet. If you notice any odour from the tank, you need to put more through.
  • Do I have to wait until the current puck is all gone before adjusting the flow tube? – Yes, unless you want to turn blue. It is a messy blue job to remove a partially dissolved very blue puck. Empty the tankette unit before adjusting.
  • If I am using a fresh water supply, do I need a check valve? Yes. You should have a check valve to stop any chance of chemical backing up into the fresh water line.
  • I have a Vacu-Flush supplied by a pressure water system. We don’t recommend the Tankette for any toilet with a pressure water supply. The boat’s with water pressure system, has plumbing of a hard plastic with a different inside diameter than the Tankette. This involves the installation of reducer fittings as well as a check valve which increases the risk of leaks.
  • My toilet is supplied by sea water. Yes, the standard supply hose on boats with raw water (sea water) for the head is the same inside diameter as the Tankette.

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