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Holding Tank Management

Tankette for Holding Tank

On boats with toilets, builders install a holding tank to hold the sewage until the boat reaches a pump out facility. Some yachts come equipped with a “Y” valve, so that they can choose to pump out or discharge overboard while way out in the ocean. In most of Canada and the United States, it is illegal to discharge overboard and there are heavy fines for doing so. It is advisable to leave the overboard discharge valve locked to prevent accidental discharge and fines.

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Toilet Management

A marine head or toilet, is a necessity on a boat if you are going to be on board for more than a few hours at a time. The larger the boat, the more room in the head and on larger boats, there can be two or more heads providing convenience for the boat owner and guests. However, one or more heads requires cleaning along with the vanity and quite often the shower.

Head Sense = No Scents

Use Your Head

The Tankette

The Head-O-Matic Tankette treats the water going into the toilet bowl, so the bowl is continuously being cleaned. When you flush, the blue treated water treats the holding tank.

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The Pucks

The Head-O-Matic Puck is a concentrated environmentally friendly head chemical that comes in a 6 puck pack– lasts 3 to 6 weeks in the Tankette to treat the contents of the Holding Tank.

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