How to Dock a Houseboat

Without Instructions, You’re Doomed to Frustration…Each Drive System Has it’s Own Set of Tricks and it’s Own Set of Docking Tips

Each Boat Docking e-Lesson gives you a great return with minimal investment– no waiting, no shipping charge, just download. Learn how to dock a boat like a pro.

Docking a Boat Means……..


Confidently and safely bringing your boat into your slip or alongside your dock AND securing it to the dock in any conditions without yelling, swearing, jumping, boat hooks, bionics, dock helpers, guesswork or embarrassment.

Other instructions for handling and docking boats are regurgitated outdated instructions from the original instructions that were written in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. However, power boats have changed drasticallysince then and no one else has updated the instructions required for the new power systems and boat designs. 
Also, most instructions don’t include securing your boat to the dock during the docking procedure!

Doug Dawson’s Houseboat Docking e-Lessons…..

Doug will walk you through the step-by-step procedure of bringing your houseboat alongside the dock.

Houseboat Docking

Like an invisible driving instructor, he’ll patiently whisper in your ear (no one in the marina will see him coaching you). Simply print it out and re-read the houseboat docking e-lesson as many times as you require, to learn how to confidently dock your houseboat like a pro.

It’s easy to pay $100 per hour or more for on-board boat docking lessons.

No more! With this e-lesson, you will be docking your houseboat like a pro every time for a fraction of the price.

With tricks tailored to every type of drive system, even boaters who think they can dock their houseboats will be able to put on a show and look like a pro docking their houseboats—even in close quarters and tight maneuvering.

You and your First Mate can dock your houseboat like a professional boat docking team every time, and be the envy of your boating friends. Be sure to share the houseboat docking e-lesson with your First Mate and you’ll both be on the same page! No yelling! No jumping! No swearing! No injuries!

Doug Has Docked Them ALL

 Power, sail, performance, trawler, motor yacht, housecruiser, whatever…Doug Dawson has driven and docked every type of boat and every drive system afloat. Doug was born into the family marina, 5th generation in the boating industry. Among Doug’s many boating credentials are: featured writer/reviewer for National Boating Magazines, past President of the Ontario Marine Operator’s Association, founder of the first Boat MLS and author of the original Boat Value Book.

The Authority

“The recognized boat docking authority”, Doug has published boat docking instructions for recreational boaters, for each drive system. Introductory and Advanced Boat Docking e-Lessons, with step-by-step instructions for docking a boat in hundreds of docking scenerios, are instantly accessible world-wide in downloadable pdf format to help boaters learn how to dock a boat.

These Houseboat Docking e-Lessons are not books

Houseboat Docking e-Lessons are a series of step-by-step lessons — with NO hourly rate.

written from scratch by the recognized qualified industry 5th Generation boat docking expert.

Docking a Boat is Easy when you know how.


I stumbled across your book on how to dock a twin in board houseboat which is great and should help me a lot. I recently partnered with a friend on a 1984 Harbor Master 520. He never took it out much due to the stress of docking. However he said (and taught me) that you had to have the throttles in idle to shift from forward to reverse and vise versa…and just as you mention in the book, that caused great confusion and panic while trying to dock. Your teaching of setting and forgetting the throttles should help a lot if we can do that with our boat.
I got to the lake this past weekend and wanted to report that the “Jolly Green Giant” worked like a charm! Knowing what to do and how to do it was a big confidence boost, and will make the difference in having “floating cabin” and a houseboat that we can get out and enjoy.
With just a little breeze I did still have to add some throttle to maneuver into the wind.  I was hoping 900 RPM would be enough not to have to mess with throttles.  I may try to increase to 1000 RPM…I would really like to be able to keep them set.
Again, great book and thanks for the info below!

Kyle Powell

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