Launch Ramp Screw-Ups

funny-laugh-2Almost every boater you talk to has a hilarious story of someone screwing up at the ramp, while trying to launch or haul his boat. They will tell you that spring is the best time to be entertained, as all the “early birds” want to be out fishing.

Like most fishermen, you probably use your boat as a vehicle to enable you to get to where the fish are. You don’t really consider yourself a boater.

Many, just take aim at the dock, kill the motor and hope for the best, while reaching out to grab the dock with their hands. While ramping, many also end up getting their feet wet, pushing on a rope, not centering the boat on the trailer, damaging the prop on the trailer frame and monopolizing the ramp because nothing goes smoothly.

Ramping a boat is hilariously entertaining when you are standing there watching as everything goes wrong on the ramp. But, if you are the one screwing up the launch of your boat, the sad story is one of total embarrassment.

And, to make matters worse, ….

ramping-tandem-truckit seems that everyone has a smart phone today just waiting to capture your “screw up” on video, so they can instantly post it to YouTube for the whole world to see.

Just like baiting your hook or casting a line, there is a right way and a wrong way to dock your boat and a right way and a wrong way to ramp your boat.

Tips in Ramping Your Boat e-Lesson could make all the difference and change your ramping and fishing experience. No more yelling, stress or embarrassment.

So many people say the solution is “Practice”, but they never tell you what to practice. They don’t explain the correct procedure, just practice what you are doing, (that isn’t really working very well) and say you’ll get better at it. However, practicing bad techniques will only result in getting better at bad techniques and result in disaster over and over again—you’ll never ramp

Just like you perfect your fishing skills, upgrade and professionalize your ramping and docking skills.

Eliminate the fear and frustration
and get out of the entertainment business
so you can focus on fishing.

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