Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

snowingOn Saturday December 21, 2013 as the summer-style winter storm was roaring up the centre of the US into Canada, I took a quick moment to enjoy something different than most North Americans.

Most people in the eastern half of the continent were preparing for or already enduring the wet or white wrath of Mother Nature.

Freezing rain and sleet were delaying or wrecking the best laid plans of many as the countdown to Christmas loomed.

let-it-snowAfter several hours of snow blowing and snow shoveling, it was time for me to clear the snow off the plastic shrink wrap, that covers our 30′ Windy cruiser in our driveway.

I untied the back door in the wrap and climbed aboard. Even though the temperature was hovering just below freezing, my mind instantly rocketed me to July—sun, warm breeze, relaxation on the Bay and summer tunes.

Gently beating the wrap with my fist, nudged the snow off the outside of the shrink wrap, as I prepared for my time to sit and relax with Brenda. The turn of the master 12V switch brought the stereo to life.

No, the first song on the FM station was not Jimmy Buffett’s “Cheeseburger in Paradise” or the Beach Boys “Kokomo” or “Surfin USA”. It was our old friend Dean Martin singing from his couch “Let it snow, Let it snow and it doesn’t show signs of stopping…..”.

We all have our ways of stretching our summers and our youth.

Enjoy boating whenever and however and with whomever you can.

Sure beats working or shovelling. Merry Christmas.

Brenda and Doug Dawson


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