Line Holders

Make life easier for your First Mate and Crew…

lineholder-canoe-smFor slips with pilings/posts beyond the finger that you need to tie to, installing a line hanger on the post is something to consider, to make picking up the line easier for your First Mate and Crew. It also keeps the line high and dry out of the water. There are a few on the market, but I would suggest getting one that won’t catch and scratch either an arm or the boat. Some have large metal hooks that stick out a long way.

lineholder-smThe one I prefer, is a flatter plastic hook that won’t do damage if it does come into contact with the boat or a body part. It attaches easily and will hold your line for you. And, it is not expensive.

Made of PVD plastic, the Line Holder screws to posts, docks or walls.

You will probably find a myriad of uses for these hooks like hanging spare lines, ring buoys and mounted in pairs, are ideal for water skiis and water toys.

lineholder-buoy-sm lineholder-ski-sm

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