Meaford Video features Doug and Brenda Dawson

Opportunities present themselves when you least expect them and, over the years, we’ve learned to take the opportunities when they come.

Last summer, our hometown of Meaford, Ontario, Canada was designing a new website, including five promotional videos highlighting the history, business, agribusiness, tourism and quality of life.

The company hired to produce five videos, Visual Communications and Marketing (VCM) from Mississauga, , asked us if we would like to volunteer and be featured in the “Unique Quality of Life” video as a newly retired couple living in Meaford. We saw this as an opportunity to experience something new, help promote the town and of course, it was another opportunity to go boating. How could we say no?

Doug and Brenda featured in Meaford Video

We were featured in the “Meaford—Unique Quality of Life” video, a promo video showing the Urban meets Rural lifestyle of Meaford where a healthy economy and community thrive—recreation, tourism, health care, local business, family etc.

Each Video on this page can be viewed full screen by clicking on the bottom right hand corner of the YouTube sceen (4 red arrows) before hitting the play button. To get back to the site just press the ESC button.

Doug has been involved with photo shoots for boat brochures for some boat manufacturers, so he knew the time and detail required to get the pictures to produce a one minute video. The final pictures have to be absolutely perfect so strict attention to detail is required—organizing people to be in the right places at the right times, waiting for just the right moment with the sun in the right place, no shadows, right facial expressions and body poses, just the right amount of light, the right angle, no dirt on the hullside etc. etc. We knew it would take at least a full day—maybe more. But, we decided it would be a great investment of our time and a lot of fun to participate in a video to promote Meaford.

Golfing in Meaford

The VCM crew arrived early on August 7th, 2010 ready to capture the video and pictures they needed. It was a perfect day for pictures and for golf. We met Paul Nandrajog, Producer/Co-Director, Doug Hodgson, PR/Marketing Exec, along with their Aron Olegario, Director, Devon Burns, Director of Photography and Branko Salinovic Sound Specialist at the Meaford Golf Course. After introductions, we piled into the Golf Carts with all their equipment and headed out onto the Golf Course. They captured us enjoying a great game of golf.

Then off to the Hospital where we were filmed having our checkup and leaving confidently through the front doors with smiles on our faces, with a great health report with a quick thumbs up.  To celebrate, we proceeded to the local winery, Coffin Ridge Wines, to purchase a bottle of  “Resurrection Rosé”.

Downtown Meaford

Off to Downtown Meaford to visit the Town Hall and do a little window shopping. Devon mounted his digital video camera on a slider bar on top of his tripod. He could slide the camera across the bar about 4’ to keep the camera steady while scanning the whole street, zooming in where he wanted to by remote control. It was fascinating to watch him work and see the instant replays—unlike the old film days. He knew immediately if a re-take was required.

Meaford Harbour

Meaford Harbour was our next stop where we toured the harbour taking in the Meaford Sailing School and Coast Guard Base, then headed out in our boat “Windy” onto beautiful Georgian Bay where we celebrated life with our newly purchased bottle of wine.

With Meaford being a waterfront community, it only made sense to us to take them out on our boat to add footage and photos from the water. They were able to capture the harbour entrance, Coast Guard Base, Meaford Sailing School as well as boats on the water and, of course, us enjoying boating.

We also helped where we could for some of the shots for the other four videos that day and, when the VCM crew returned on August 20th to finish up. Our friends Martin and Liz were staying with us that week and we were able to include them in the scene on the picnic table in front of the Coast Guard Rescue Boat “Westfort”.

Of course, with all productions, the story line in the finished video is in a different order than the shooting order and the editing and technical knowledge applied created a series of five great promotional videos for our town. They are now on as well as here on our site.

Meaford–Intro Video

The “Meaford—Intro” video is a fresh, edgy approach to municipality promotional videos. This out of the box style goes along with the municipality’s economic development strategy. The video promotes the quaint Municipality of Meaford, which is in beautiful Ontario, Canada.

The on-water shots were taken from our boat while we toured the crew around the harbour and waterfront.

Tomorrow Begins in Meaford Video

The “Tomorrow Begins in Meaford” video is an informative promo video about Meaford, Ontario highlighting historical facts about the municipality and where it is today. Each black and white historic photo is followed by video as it is today.

The on-water shots were taken from our boat while we toured the harbour and waterfront. They captured Doug and Brenda Dawson enjoying the breeze in the faces as they scooted from one harbour to the other.

Meaford–Agribusiness Video

An edgy promo video highlighting the agribusiness movement in Meaford, Ontario Canada is the “Meaford—Agribusiness” video which takes a music video approach showing a family of families prepping for the Meaford Farmers’ Market and then in action!

Meaford–Making It Happen Video

A promo video showcasing the beautiful Municipality of Meaford, Ontario Canada is “Meaford—Making it Happen”. Cinematic shots with text in motion highlight key points that the municipality has to offer, goes along side with Meaford’s Economic Development Strategy.

All the on-water footage was taken from our boat as we toured the crew around the harbour and waterfront.

Thanks for the Opportunity

It was truly an exciting two days for us and we enjoyed every minute. The VCM crew was organized, very detailed, professional and appreciative of our participation. They came with a plan, followed their schedule, were fun to work with and produced five fantastic videos. Even though they had time constraints, they accommodated suggestions. Thanks for the opportunity.

Doug and Brenda Dawson

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