Memory Failure

memory failure computerIn our highly computerized world, we are increasingly dependent on our computers; not just laptops, smart phones and iPads, but all our electronics, cars, appliances—everything.

So much so, that a “memory failure”, “email history missing” or a “blue screen” sends us into panic mode.

This only has to happen once, before you become paranoid about backups to external drives and cloud storage to ensure that the future of your data is secure.

But, what do you do—when your own memory fails?

Fall can be a hectic time for families, getting kids ready for school, preparing the house, yard, car, boat, lawnmower etc, for winter. When your memory fails and you forget one thing on that winterize list—in particular the boat, your memory failure can have serious costly consequences.

Guess what this guy forgot!

pontoon boat ice winter








A boater witnessed this pontoon boat still in it’s summer boat port frozen in the lake–motor and all. Thanks for sharing to remind us all to have a winterize plan.

 Maybe, backing up your fall to-do list onto your computer is worth considering; so that you have an extra reminder to include everything, including your boat in your winter preparations.

Plus, add some dates on your calendar to check on your boat over the winter months to monitor it’s progress through the wind and weather; so that there are no disappointments or catastrophes come spring launch.

Here are several articles you may find interesting on the topics of fall lists, winterizing and venting your boat over the winter.

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