Now is Knot Time

knotNow is a good time for you and your whole crew to brush up on your knot tying skills, to be ready for the boating season.

If you don’t use the “6 boating knots you need to know” over the winter, it is so easy to forget them. Then, you have to learn and practice them all over again. To learn all the knots suggested for boating is so overwhelming though, it gets put to the end of the “To Do” list and we all know that we seldom get to the bottom of that list.

The good news is, you only really have to know 6 knots. That is a lot easier to learn and master—and, you can use them all year so you don’t have to re-learn every spring.

But, and there seems to always be a “but”, learning how to tie the knots is only half of the battle. You also need to know when and how to use them on the boat, for knot tying to be a useful skill.

knot2Knowing what knot to tie for hanging fenders; for example, and how to tie to stanchions or railings, vertically or horizontally or off the swim platform etc. prepares you to be ready for the unexpected.

Knowing how to instantly tie a bowline could save a life in an emergency.

If your line isn’t quite long enough, knowing which knot to use and how to join two lines together, will instantly give you a longer line.

“Tying and Using Knots” e-lesson lists the 6 knots you need to know with pictures and descriptions of how to do it using fenders and lines on the boat.

The pictures are from your eyes to your hands so you can relate—(other knot-tying instructions have pictures from the photographer’s eyes and are backwards when you try to copy them).

In our “Tying and Using Knots” e-lesson, there are also links to videos on youtube, and lists of so many other uses for these same knots….

– at home,
– in the office,
– when trailering,
– in the garage,
– and more—all year long.
For example; tying turkey legs in preparation for cooking, making a dog leash, hanging a bird feeder, tying a rolled sleeping bag and dozens and dozens more uses.

Once you master all 6 knots and know where to use them, you don’t have to re-learn them each spring when boating season rolls around; instead, you can start your boating season running, with your inventory of knots in your head, ready whenever you need them. You and your crew will be prepared for docking, anchoring, locking, mooring, towing and everything boating.

  • Knots don’t get lost
  • Knots are ready instantly
  • Knots don’t fall overboard
  • Knots are an endless supply
  • Knots are free and reliable
  • Knots can keep you safe
  • Knots can save lives
  • Knots keep you prepared.

Prepare your whole crew for life. This is a tiny price to pay for such big rewards.

Learn them once
Use them for a Lifetime
Year ‘Round

Download your copy of “Tying and Using Knots” and get started.

Print and share with your family at home and aboard.

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