Outmaneuver Your Boat

Outmaneuver to avoid Crash

Have you ever wondered why docking your power boat is so darned difficult? Well, there are about 15 legit reasons why. The good news is, you can learn to outmaneuver your boat.

The number one reason is hull configuration/bottom shape. Today’s power boats have no keel or even a small skeg to prevent sideways drift.

As a result, when you turn your wheel to execute a tight turn to enter your slip (Boat 1), your boat does not follow your planned path (Red Arrow). Its previous momentum dominates and over-rides your plan. You T-Bone (Boat 2) the end of your dock or crash into your slip neighbour.

How to Outmaneuver your Boat

Learn the tips and tricks to outmaneuver your boat, to avoid drifting sideways into obstacles. To find out more about all 15 reasons docking a power boat is so difficult, click on the link below.

Bottom Design

In my 125-page Introductory Docking Lesson, I explain in step-by-step instructions how to outmaneuver and overcome today’s power boat bottom design challenges for a perfect stress-free bow-first docking every time.

Docking Lessons

We have a specific docking lesson for each drive system starting with on-the-open water exercises to show you how your boat turns and handles—what it will and won’t do. Then, you get 16 docking scenarios to cover all the variations of approaching your dock:

  • Tying on the port side and starboard side
  • Docking with the wind and/or current pushing you off the dock, onto the dock, into your slip and out of your slip.
  • I’ve even included a number of “what if” situations

Pick the scenario that fits your dock/slip and study it.

Do you want to confidently and safely bring your boat into your slip or alongside your dock, AND secure it to the dock in any conditions without yelling, swearing, jumping, boat hooks, bionics, dock helpers, guesswork or embarrassment?

The Answer

Here’s your answer to outmaneuver your boat! Invest in a Docking Lesson Today.

For your FREE copy of “Why is Power Boat Docking So Difficult” PDF Download Click Here C,,,,,,

P.S. Forward to your buddies that need help more than you do.

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