Power Boats Need New Handling and Docking Techniques

old cruiser skegRecreational power boats have evolved over the decades from low inboard power boats with huge rudders, skegs and low flat decks in the 30’s and 40’s when the same docking lesson worked for both sail and power, to the variety of power boats you see on the water today.

As a result of all these changes and improvements, handling and docking a power boat is much more challenging and requires a completely different method of handling and docking for each drive system, BUT

the handling and docking instructions haven’t kept up.

Docking twin inboards for example, is totally different than docking a twin sterndrive or I/O. Similarly, docking a single inboard Ski boat is totally different from docking a single I/O bowrider or a single outboard fishing boat. Pontoon boats and houseboats require different docking techniques than all other boats.

Each drive system requires different handling and docking techniques.

single outboard f single sterndrive v  inboard DD
 twin outboard f  twin sterndrive v  twin inboard vee md

Because power boat handling characteristics have changed drastically with all the changes in style, bottom design, superstructure changes and invention of new drives systems, power boats today require different and updated instructions for handling and docking—not the lessons from the 30’s and 40’s. But, no one has written new updated easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for docking today’s power boats in all wind conditions—until now!

Doug Dawson, 5th generation boat handling and docking expert, has written power boat docking lessons for each drive system for today’s boats, based on five generations of knowledge and a lifetime of first-hand experience to help boaters around the world dock their boats with confidence with their First Mates and families.

Power boats can be handled with predictable results, the same as cars, planes, construction equipment, etc. Once you know how your boat responds to the wheel, shift(s) and throttle(s), you will be able to make your boat do what you want it to do and dock with ease. Eliminating the fear of docking when you come back to the dock, makes boating more enjoyable.

Get the Power Boat Docking Lesson for your drive system and become the docking expert you were meant to be.

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