Smart Tabs

Automatic Trim Tabs = “Smart Tabs”  for all Small Boats

  • Bow Riders, Cuddies
  • Towing Skiers, Tubes, or Boards
  • Dinghies
  • Fishing Boats

The patented SMART TABS are a one of a kind trim and stabilizer system that automatically adjusts to the sea conditions, without the need for expensive electric or hydraulic hardware and switches. The system constantly reacts to the water conditions, boat speed, and balance providing remarkable improvements on any boat.

  • Faster & Smoother Acceleration
  • Cut Bow Rise 40%
  • Lower On-Plane Speed 35%
  • Improve Top Speed without Porpoising
  • Unparalleled Stability and Handling
  • Better Fuel Economy 11%

For Cruising or Fishing – enjoy better handling, a smoother ride, and more economy. With no electronic or hydraulic connections, SMART TABS continuously adjust to the water conditions acting like shock absorbers.

At slow speeds the plates are held down by the Nitrogen Gas Actuators and then automatically rotate up during acceleration. Easily installed on any aluminum, wooden, or fiberglass transom in minutes. All mounting hardware and sealant materials are provided. The kits include two Nitrogen Gas Actuators sealed in EDPM rubber boots, Polymer Composite Tabs and instructions.

Enjoy easier planing at slower speeds, increased payload performance, improved tracking and handling automatically, without the need for electrical or hydraulic controls.



The Nitrogen Gas Actuator provides LIFT at the stern of the boat by holding the trim plate down during acceleration. The amount of LIFT is determined by the Actuator load rating and the trim plate adjustment, which is done at the time of installation.

As the boat speed increases, the water pressure also increases. Once the water pressure exceeds the Actuator load rating (maximum LIFT period) the trim plates begin to move upward until they are horizontal with the bottom of the boat. The internal valve system dampens the trim plate movement which eliminates any instant reaction to minor water pressure variances. SMART TABS provide smooth and undetectable reaction to boat speed creating a level, more comfortable ride at lower speeds.

The system can be specifically tuned to maximize the performance of any power boat. TRACKING RIBS have been added to the underside of the tabs for improved handling at higher speeds.

Rugged Design

Polymer Composite material provides superior strength and resilience for any rough water situation. Rust and corrosion are also eliminated so there is no need for anodes. In short, No Maintenance!


The manufacturer warrants to the retail purchaser of this product that it is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. Complete warranty information is included with each kit or upon request.

Assembly & Installation in Minutes

Complete assembly and mounting requires only a drill, a 3/16″ bit, and a phillips screw driver.

The Integral design eliminates the need for wrenches or tedious measuring.

All components “lock” together with self locking clevis pins.

Packing Specifications:

Clam Shell Blister packed

Size – 10.5″ wide x 14.5″ high x 5.5″deep

Weight = 3.5 lbs.

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