Surprise After Blizzard Rips Thru Marina

torn tarpSevere winter storms with blizzards, snow and high winds are a recipe for tarp and shrink wrap damage on boats stored for the winter.

One Monday in late February, all of Mid and Eastern Canada and the United States, experienced one of these winter storms. Here, we had winds over 90 km and wind gusts over 100 km.

Because of my training and experience as a marina operator, I instinctively knew that I should check the boats at the marina where our boat Windy is shrink wrapped and stored.

Early the next morning as soon as the blizzard subsided, I drove to the marina to inspect Windy, of course; but all the other boats as well, that belong to friends and acquaintances.

Sure enough, the wind had inflicted some damage…..

Our cruiser Windy was fine (white shrink wrapped boat in picture to the right). But, several boats had tarp or shrink wrap damage. My friend Steve’s 37’ Silverton Sedan Flybridge (in the blue shrink wrap in the picture below) had a tear in the shrink wrap, along the sharp starboard edge of the Plexiglas flybridge windshield. The tear was about 3’ long—big enough to let in a lot of snow and water. If not repaired, future wind would eventually extend the tear across the full beam of the boat, then longitudinally as well.

boats shrink wrap

I knew it had to be repaired right away. Steve’s number was in my phone, so I called and reported my observations and concerns to him. Steve immediately called the marina and was delighted to learn, that they already knew of the tear and had scheduled the repair.

A couple of days later, after my 7:00 a.m. Breakfast Meeting, I again circled through the marina. The tear had already been repaired. I was impressed.

This is what boaters expect of their marina, when they entrust them to look after their “pride and joy” in their absence. But, we all know, this doesn’t always happen.

When it does, we need to thank and compliment the marinas, who are doing a great job! To the staff at Georgian Shores Marina in Owen Sound, Thank You!

Have you had a similar or totally different experience at your marina that you’d like to share? Send to

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