Thank You Dad

art dawson

My dad taught me very valuable lessons and gave me excellent advice when I was a young boy. I didn’t realize just how valuable they were until I grew up in the marine industry and witnessed so many boaters who would benefit greatly from what my Father taught me.

As a result,

I wrote books on what I learned from dad and also what I learned as a result. Now, boating dads around the world can shorten their learning curves and enjoy boating more.

Doug Dawson

For a Dad who is having difficulty docking his boat, give him the best Father’s Day Gift Ever–A Boat Docking Lesson (downloadable pdf)

We recommend:

  • You print on your own printer (2-sided is best), because it is less expensive than having it printed.
  • Then put it in a 3-ring binder.
  • OR, (better) take the printed pages to an office supply store and have themcoil bind the pages for you (this includes a clear front cover, hard back cover and a coil down the side).

The coil binding is best, because you can turn the pages over completely so they don’t blow in the wind, and the e-Book or e-Lesson lays flat and takes up less space on the helm

See The Whole Article: What My Father Taught Me

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